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Brian Paquette是一家位于西雅图提供全方位服务的住宅室内设计公司,除了室内设计,他们还提供家具、纺织品和装饰品。网上商店是Brian个人审美的另一个延伸。
Brian Paquette is a full-service residential interior design firm based in Seattle. In addition to interior design, we offer furniture, textiles and décor through Brian Paquette at Home. Our online shop is yet another extension of Brian’s personal aesthetic.

创始人Brian Paquette在罗德岛的纽波特长大,在东海岸上学。毕业后,因工作辗转到各地,最后来到西雅图,2009年创立自己的公司,同时开始兼任B&B Italia创意总监直到2011年。
Founder Brian Paquette grew up in Newport, Rhode Island, and attended the East Coast. After graduating, I moved to various places because of my work, and finally came to Seattle to start my own company in 2009 and started to be the creative director of B&B Italia until 2011.

Brian Paquette以绘画和概念艺术为背景,为西雅图室内设计带来独特的视角。他的西雅图工业极简主义风格反映了他在罗德岛长大的背景,同时以风格的综合和对个人和独特的高度重视而闻名。
With a background in painting and conceptual art, Brian Paquette brings a singular point of view to the Seattle interior design scene. His Seattle industrial minimalist style reflects his background in Rhode Island, and is known for his combination of style and personal and unique attention.

Brian Paquette建造的定制空间既开放又私密,既生活化又明亮。确保项目中的每一个元素都是独一无二的,通过设计团队紧密的合作,创造出反映客户身份、历史和愿望的住宅。

Brian Paquette build custom spaces that are at once open and intimate, grounded yet light. Our Seattle interior design team works through a close, collaborative process. We partner with local craftsmen to ensure every element in our projects ,creating homes that reflect our clients’ identity, history and aspirations.

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