Fiona Lynch新作 | 解开艺术与设计之间的关系

作为多次获得澳大利亚设计大奖的设计师,Fiona Lynch在过去的一年里专注于良好的规划和创造情感空间,完成了许多真实,经典和优质的设计。
As a designer who has won many Australian Design Awards, Fiona Lynch has focused on good planning and creating emotional space over the past year, completing many real, classic and quality designs.

Balwyn House
Balwyn House是墨尔本Fiona Lynch设计工作室完成的最新住宅项目。该项目是一个新建筑,Fiona Lynch的团队受委托打造其室内设计。这个家的一切都散发着精致和艺术的气息,从令人惊叹的宝石色调到高级材料的分层使用。
Balwyn House is the latest residential project completed by Melbourne-based Fiona Lynch Design Studio. The project is a new build where the team at Fiona Lynch were commissioned to design the interiors. Everything about this home exudes a refined and artistic moodiness, from the stunning jewel-toned palette to the layered use of the highly edited material palette.

Rich velvets, floor to ceiling window dressings and over-dyed rugs in emerald, navy and ruby tones create the luxe mood, and are enhanced by a cool palette of hard materials, crisp white paint, silver fixtures and mirrored furniture. Lynch adds warm elements to balance the coolness, evident in oak timber accessories, and raw tan leather furniture.

Permanent Design Gallery
Fiona Lynch在科林伍德开设一家永久性画廊工作室,与NGV墨尔本设计周相吻合。作为实验设计,美术和产品的精选展示,Work Shop将展示来自澳大利亚和国际艺术家和设计师的作品,包括委托和原创作品。通过识别介质和材料之间的共性,Work Shop旨在解开艺术与设计之间的关系。
Melbourne-based interior designer Fiona Lynch is opening a permanent gallery Work Shop in Collingwood, coinciding with NGV Melbourne Design Week. A curated showcase of experimental design, fine art, and objects, Work Shop will display work from Australian and international artists and designers, including commissioned and original pieces. By identifying commonalities across mediums and materials, Work Shop aims to unpack the relationship between art and design.

通过Lynch早期的美术生涯,该画廊将成为她同名室内设计公司的试验场;在某种程度上,实验室为观众提供了对创作过程的深刻见解。 “在学习室内设计之前,我曾在墨尔本的墨尔本皇家理工大学学习美术,”Lynch说。 “这条独特的道路一直反映在我的工作和我们设计的方式上。 Work Shop将为我的工作室和我提供进一步探索的机会……以挑战和激励的方式审视艺术与设计之间的对话。“
Informed by Lynch’s early career in fine art, the gallery will serve as a testing ground for her eponymous interior design practice; somewhat of an experimental lab that gives audiences an unveiled insight into the creative process. “Prior to studying interior design I studied Fine Art at RMIT in Melbourne,” says Lynch. “This unique path has always been reflected in my work and the way we approach design. Work Shop will afford my studio and I the opportunity to explore this further… examining the dialogue between art and design in a way that challenges and inspires.”

East Village Display Suite

Park Street House

Albert Park Residence

Alamer Brighton

设计:Fiona Lynch



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