Jaime Hayon新作 | 西安Fritz Hansen,营造“神庙般”的美感

西班牙设计大师Jaime Hayon近日在西安打造了一家Fritz Hansen门店,门店占据了这座城市的高耸建筑,是中国最古老的建筑之一,同时西安Fritz Hansen也是该品牌全球最大的门店。
Spanishdesigner Jaime Hayon recently complete a Fritz Hansen store in Xian, which occupies a towering building in the city, which is one of the oldest in China,while Xian Fritz Hansen is also the brands largest store in the world.

Fritz Hansen于1872年在丹麦成立,他是20世纪丹麦设计师的先驱,Arne Jacobsen和Poul Kjrholm,以及包括Cecilie Manz,Benjamin Hubert和Nendo在内的当代人物,制作经典产品。该品牌进军中国,是为了应对中国对更为低调的家居奢侈品日益增长的需求。
Founded inDenmark in 1872, Fritz Hansen produces classic items by pioneeringtwentieth-century Danish designers including Arne Jacobsen and Poul Kjrholm, aswell as contemporary figures including Cecilie Manz, Benjamin Hubert and Nendo.The brands move to China comes in response to a growing demand in the countryfor more understated luxury products for the home.

“When Ientered [the space] for the first time, it was like a temple, its so high,youve got this possibility to expss yourself in an interesting way. I usedthe industrial gut of it to contrast to the softness and the beauty and theorganic shapes that we created inside.”

Customersenter the store through a tall set of doors with “lung-shaped”windows that look through to a white-painted central lobby. The grey terrazzofloor here is inlaid with a snaking line of brass that, when viewed from above,appears as an abstract face.

这个区域由一个旋转的楼梯和光滑的绿色接待台为焦点,通向14个较小的房间,在更私密的环境中展示Fritz Hansen的藏品。拱形的门道贯穿整个商店,营造出一种“神庙般”的美感
This area,which is anchored by a sweeping staircase and glossy green reception desk,leads to 14 smaller rooms that display the Fritz Hansen collection in moreintimate settings. Arched doorways appear throughout the store, creating a”temple”-like aesthetic.

为了避免典型的零售店布局,产品被堆放或排列成单调的一排,Jaime Hayon采用了“透视法”来布置房间。沙发、扶手椅、地毯和咖啡桌被布置成了客厅的风格,到处点缀着绿叶盆栽。周围的墙壁以凹槽镶板为特色,被涂上了暖色,如鼠尾草绿、玫瑰粉红、紫红色和板岩蓝。
Keento avoid the typical layout of retail stores where products are stacked orarranged in monotonous rows, Hayon instead took a “scenographic”approach to arranging the rooms. Sofas, armchairs, rugs, and coffee tables havebeen placed in living room-style setups, with leafy potted plants dottedthroughout. Surrounding walls that feature grooved panelling have been paintedwarm colours like sage green, rose pink, plum purple, and slate blue.

Jaime Hayon解释说:“就像在迷宫里一样,你开始发现一个个小区域,每个区域都有Fritz Hansen的家具,从我设计的历史家具到新家具,还有其他设计师的作品。照明和一切都与艺术,地毯,植物和小物体息息相关,这样我们就能激发客户的灵感。”
“Likein a labyrinth, you start to discover the little areas and each one has thefurniture of Fritz Hansen, from the historical ones to the new ones I havedesigned, and pieces from other designers,” explained Hayon. The lightingand everything has been composed together with some art, carpeting, plants andsmall objects. So in this way we can inspire the client.”

Upstairs onthe second floor, surfaces are much more neutral tones like sand-beige and darkgrey, complementing the light timber floorboards that run throughout. Roundednooks in the walls display smaller ornaments like candle holders and vases.

设计:Jaime Hayon



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