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Drake Anderson因其令人眼花缭乱的魅力和色彩组合而被认可,是一些闪闪发光社会场所的常客,是许多这个国家最迷人的空间的作者。
Drake Anderson’spvious hits may be recognized for their heady mix of glamour and color, A fixture in New York’s glittering socialscene, Jamie Drake is the author of some of this country’s most glamorousspaces.

When itcame to decorating this 11-year-old glass box—surrounded by 267 acres ofwoodland—they played it cool. A soft, woodsy color palette and a mix of cozytextures define this gentle woodland home.

Thetransparency of the building and the beauty of the land around it are whatfirst attracted the owners, who are two founders and board members of severaltechnology companies.The owners embrace theability to live so visually connected to nature and have chosen to not obscurethe glass in any way.

When workstarted, nature had infiltrated inside. Literally: The flat roof had leaked foryears and bestowed a gift of thick green and black mold behind the walls and ceiling.At one point, the contractor found a snake nest plus lots of “things you don’ttypically find here in Manhattan,” jokes Drake.

Oncestructural work was complete, Drake and Anderson blurred the aestheticboundaries between the outside and inside using natural materials. Stainedwhite oak ceilings and floors, an onyx wall in the bathroom, a giantsheared-lambskin rug in the living room, and custom woven upholstery were implementedto soften the space. The project was a balance of using texture and materialsto counter some of the severe materials such as concrete, metal, and glass togive it a cozy, comfortable feeling.

不可避免地会出现一些玻璃房子的影子,包括Mies van der Rohe的Farnsworth房子或Philip Johnson在康涅狄格州新卡南设计的arnsworth住宅。但设计师们拒绝了做一个中世纪的模仿的冲动。“我们的一些项目倾向于现代,一些倾向于传统,但总是有很多参考案例”德雷克说。中世纪作品与现代和定制混合在一起,创造出有趣的对话。德雷克总结道:“如果不是这样,那就太俗气了。”
There areinevitably a number of templates of glass houses to follow—including theFarnsworth house by Mies van der Rohe or Philip Johnson’s in New Canaan,Connecticut—yet the designers resisted the urge to do a midcentury pastiche.“Some of our projects lean toward modern, some lean traditional, but there arealways multiple references,” says Drake. Midcentury pieces mix here withcontemporary and custom to create interesting dialogues. “It would have beencheesy otherwise,” Drake concludes.

Theonyx wall in the master bathroom is a nod to Mies van der Rohe’s BarcelonaPavilion. He brought in lavish materials to counter the minimal architecture,just as Drake Anderson do here.“This was a unique project for our clientsand a unique project for us, It’s really all just about nature and what’soutside,” says Anderson.

Drake Anderson与Jouffre的纽约团队合作,参加最引人注目的设计展示:2018 Kips Bay Decorator Show House。 活动在位于上东区的七层,36英尺宽的联排别墅内举行。
Drake/Andersonrenewed their collaboration with the New York team at Jouffre to participate atthe most high-profile of the design showcases : 2018 Kips Bay Decorator ShowHouse. The event takes place in a seven-level, 36-foot-wide townhouse locatedin the Upper East Side.

Each year,celebrated interior designers transform the place into an amazing exhibition offine furnishing and art. They have the extraordinary ability to bring ambitiousdesign visions to life with exceptional attention to detail.

设计:Drake Anderson



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