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The project “AROMA DREAM” is an enchanting place for Thai message and spa. John Sun, the principal of DDDD Creative Studio, approached the design in a way quite different from the previous commercial projects. Based on the community-based real economy model in China’s first-tier cities, the designer focused more on incorporating the community’s humanistic environment into spatial experience, and tried to let customers enjoy traditional Thai massage in an unconventional Thai massage space.


AROMA DREAM位于深圳蛇口片区,是商业与社区共融的地段。深圳这座年轻的城市生活节奏很快,AROMA DREAM落位在喧闹社区街边,低调的存在,和周边环境形成对比。推开一扇墨绿的大门,光线瞬间调整到眼球舒适亮度,柠檬草的香味洗净脑海,耳边传来沙沙雨声与古典小提琴催眠曲,像穿越丛林置身中古雨林进入另一世界。

The project is located in Shekou area, Shenzhen, China, where business and community coexist. The pace of life in Shenzhen, the young city, is really fast. In contrast with the surrounding noisy community, AROMA DREAM keeps a low profile. After opening a dark-green door beside the street, the interior light instantly adjusts to a comfortable brightness for eyes, fragrance of lemon grass overwhelms noses, and the patter of rain and soft classical violin music run into ears, making the customers feel like they are traversing the jungle and entering an ancient rainforest.




To shake off the traditional impression of Thailand, the space takes dark jungle green as its main tone, which is rendered by dark-green handmade bricks, velvet and transparent films, emerald marbles, and tropical plants. The green-dominated space, complemented by black backdrop and dotted with brass and champagne gold elements, presents an unconventional and unique style. The public area features the mixture of natural sounds and classical music, filled with an atmosphere of tropical rainforest and fragrance from Thai essential oil, all of which give the interior space a high-class tone, isolated from the noisiness of the outside street. The designer skillfully integrated Thai rainforest, water feature, meditation and art into the space. Combined with authentic traditional Thai massage services, he created a brand-new Thai impression.




1F is the space for communication. Since AROMA DREAM is community-based, communication is important. The free and diverse seating arrangement, sound control, and flexible space separation, encourage customers to interact with each other in a relaxed manner, whilst not interrupting enjoying the services. The water feature with an irregularly-shaped Thai handmade stone, black pebbles on the cashier counter, brass sheets that will fade slowly as time passes, the white brick wall with strip patterns, and artistic display arranged inside the concave doorway, all make people get into meditation unintentionally while waiting.




2F is a small loft. The space is relatively high, which is obtained by removing the original ceiling as well as digging and lowering the ground floor. The designer used steel wire mesh and movable curtain as partitions to balance the spatial relationship, and separate a random display area. Handicrafts from Thailand are displayed on the customized handmade carpet with water-ripple patterns, which improves the spatial tonality and also reduces the cramped feeling caused by the staircase. The enclosed sound absorbing designs for foot message can help the customers get into deep relaxation quickly.




3F occupies an area of about 117 square meters, consisting of three massage spaces and two themed spa rooms. It is connected to the second floor with stairs, Based on the original aisle, the designers deliberately enlarged the staircase area to place fiber optic light installation. Looking up, people can see the extensions of the whole ceiling and wall mirrors. The breathing fiber optic lights, combined with illusions generated by mirrors, letting them reach an empty state of mind, like being in a dreamland.



经过通道,可以感受到空间带来的艺术传达,陷入地面的鹅卵石台阶透出婚暗的光、小提琴穿插在30种以上热带绿植中、接近地面的吊灯被无限延伸、密室里隐藏的Spa镜门后面是两个截然不同的世界,推开就是罗马假日或热带丛林的Spa体验感受;在这个小空间里,John魔术般的手法让顾客每步引发异想。最终进入黑暗闭上双眼,享受正宗泰国古法手技下的AROMA DREAM。

While passing the corridor, people can feel the artistic design details in the space. The narrow areas sunken into the floor are filled with pebbles, shining dim light, and violins are interspersed among more than 30 kinds of tropical plants. Besides, the chandelier is placed near the floor, which is infinitely extended by the mirrors. Pushing the mirror doors, there are two totally different worlds — spa rooms. One offers fantastic experience like having a vacation in Roman, and the other enables customers to relax in a “tropical jungle”. Due to the designer’s magical design techniques, customers can have different views and associations at every step in the limited space. Walk into the dim space and close eyes, an amazing experience of authentic traditional Thai massage and spa starts.



该项目由DDDD Creative Studio(灯灯灯凳创意工作室)主理人John Sun(孙伟忠)独立创作,带领团队共同完成,从品牌定位、项目命名、店铺选址、VI系统、空间设计、现场建造、软装装置、灯光声效把控到最终呈现,均由社区型实体商业角度出发,探讨实体经济的多元发展。项目设计突破了该类型商业模式在一线社区对面积、成本等大城市的商业落地痛点,实现设计解决小空间高效经营及深入体验,减低租金压力并得到可观产出,通过审美与艺术的造诣,用简单的材质,很好表达品牌空间的诠释,带给顾客深度的消费体验。

This project was approached by DDDD Creative Studio. The principal of the Studio, John Sun, independently figured out the interior design solution, and led its execution with the support of his team. From brand positioning, project naming, location selection, VI system, spatial design, on-site construction, decorations as well as lighting and sound effects to final presentation, all these steps were done from the perspective of community-based offline business, with a aim to explore the diversified development of real economy. This overall design of the project overcomes the pain points for carrying out offline business in developed communities of large cities, such as land area and cost, and also ensures efficient operation in the limited space, which is helpful to relieve the client’s pressure on rent and obtain considerable income. Based on expertise and deep understanding of aesthetics and art, John utilized simple materials to interpret the space for the brand AROMA DREAM, and brought customers amazing experience for the body and mind.



∇ 门头效果图 storefront rendering


∇ 一层平面 1F plan

∇ 二层平面 2F plan

∇ 三层平面 3F plan

主要创作:孙伟忠(John Sun)
项目主要团队成员:朱尔年Renee Zhu(负责品牌定位)、张剑锋Kelvin(负责图纸深化)陈建威(负责现场执行)、林衍津Eyes(平面设计师)
摄影:Will Wong

Project name: AROMA DREAM
Category: Thai Massage & Spa (community-based)
Location: Building 5, Rose Garden, No.104, Gongyuan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Project area: 190 sqm (1F: 49 sqm, 2F: 24 sqm, 3F: 117 sqm)
Design firm: DDDD Creative Studio
Chief designer: John Sun
Major project team members: Renee Zhu (brand positioning), Kelvin Zhang (detailed drawings), Jianwei Chen (on-site execution), Eyes Lin (graphic design)
Photography: Will Wong
Main materials: prefabricated terrazzo panesl, dark green ceramic tiles, champagne gold and black brushed stainless steel, chromatic fiber optic lights, black pebbles, brass sheets and tubes



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