Hans Verstuyft | 有灵魂感的极简空间

       Hans Verstuyft Architects成立于1992年,位于比利时安特卫普,他们希望在项目中呈现一种生活方式,而不仅仅是一种合理的解决方案。
      Hans Verstuyft Architects was founded in 1992 based in AntTheyrp, Belgium. They want to include in their projects a way of life, and not only a rational solution.

  创始人Hans Verstuyft在家里时,对法国的建筑和室内设计以及地中海风格特别感兴趣,毕业后,在著名的工作室工作,从Stéphane Beel,Willem-Jan Neuteliings开始,到Vincent Van Duysen结束创立自己的工作室。他丰富的设计经验在增长和理解建筑和室内设计方面很有价值。
      When Hans Verstuyft was at home, he was particularly interested in French architecture and interior design as well as Mediterranean style. After graduation, he worked in a famous studio, starting with Stéphane Beel, Willem-Jan Neuteliings, and ending his own creation with Vincent Van Duysen. studio. His extensive design experience is valuable in growing and understanding architecture and interior design.

 Hans Verstuyft的作品的特点是剥离东西,让空间说话。工作基于每个项目的具体条件。 结果是对这些条件的分析:程序,环境,预算,用户,光,还有更多主观元素,如感觉,温暖,舒适,触觉,性感。
       The work of Hans Verstuyft is characterized by stripping things and letting the space speak. Their work is based on the specific conditions each project has. The result is an analysis of these conditions: program, surroundings, budget, users, light,but also more subjective elements like feeling, warmth, comfort, touch, sensuality.

   Hans Verstuyft的建筑思维方式可能被视为传统的,他们不想制作时尚的建筑。认为建筑是持久的,并为每一代人提供生活的新机会。未来的建筑必须有一个激励用户并邀请他们居住的灵魂。
      Their way of thinking architecture might be seen as traditional in a way that They don’t want to make fashionable buildings. They think architecture is to last, and to give living new opportunities for each generation. Future buildings must have a soul that inspires the users and invites them to live in.

 Hans Verstuyft 设计了具有几乎切实灵魂感的空间和物品,其灵感是思考清醒,在时尚,舞蹈,艺术中也看到了同样的东西,清醒的作品往往具有强烈的外观。
      Hans Verstuyft designed spaces and objects with an almost real sense of soul. Their inspiration is to think sober, to reduce. They see the same in fashion, dance, art. Sober works often have a strong appearance.

设计:Hans Verstuyft

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