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这是一家名为“Ninja Black”的酒店,是关于“影子”的。场地位于京都市中心,就在京都御所西侧,附近有房屋,小商店,公寓楼和酒店。这是京都这一块典型的用地,宽9米,深35米,我们计划了一个五层楼的小酒店,有21个房间。

This architecture is about “shadow”.It’s a hotel named “Ninja Black”.The site is located in the city center of Kyoto, just west of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, in an area populated with houses, small shops, apartment buildings, and hotels. We planned a small hotel of five floors with 21 rooms, on a plot of land typical in Kyoto, nine meters wide by 35 meters deep.



The client for the design is from the nearby city of Kouga, known for centuries as home to ninja. He may well even be a descendant of ninja. What does “ninja” mean for us in this design? Throughout their history, ninja has always lived in and been associated with, “shadow”, where they can’t be seen, yet can still perform their role.




Thus, this hotel’s design concept of “shadow” was born: mysterious, shadowy, and silent, yet with a strong presence. The facade, with more shadow than substance, is designed to evoke the idea that a ninja could be hiding anywhere. The entire facade is covered by “koushi”, Japanese style louvers. Eaves are also added above the first, second, and top floors, but the strong impression of the facade comes from the koushi. The entire facade is actually made with two layers of koushi, each with an alternating V-shape pattern, offset from each other by half a span, to deepen the sense of shadow.




Each individual louver is painted brown on one side, and black on the face and the other side, such that when approaching the hotel from the east, the facade appears to be brown, but as you arrive, the brown fades and the whole building appears to be black. The interior is designed around the concept of “darkness”, as much as can be practically done for a modern hotel. Visitors experience tricks of ninja in this hotel.



∇ 区位图


∇ 平面图

∇ 剖面图

项目名称:Hotel Ninja Black
设计公司:EASTERN Design Office
摄影:Koichi Torimura; Takashi Inaizumi, Jeffrey Friedl


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