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A goalkeeper-themed mural and football kit-coloured fixtures appear inside this pizza restaurant, which architecture studio Mast has created near Dynamo Moscow’s stadium in the Russian capital.



Football-inspired decor details have been incorporated throughout FanFood in a nod to Moscow’s VTB Arena – a local landmark that studio Mast felt it “couldn’t ignore” during the pizzeria’s design process.”Office workers from neighbouring buildings, football or music fans will come here after matches or concerts, which are constantly held at the stadium,” explained architects Vladislav Gaiduk and Vasily Korotkov, who head up the studio.



FanFood的主要特色是一幅陶瓷壁画,描绘的是在莫斯科迪纳摩队(Dynamo Moscow)效力了20年的职业苏联足球运动员列夫·亚辛(Lev Yashin)在一场比赛中腾空接球的画面。

The main feature of FanFood is a ceramic mural that depicts professional Soviet football player Lev Yashin, who played for Dynamo Moscow for 20 years, leaping in the air during a match to catch a ball.



这幅壁画以20世纪苏联艺术家Aleksandr Deyneka的绘画风格完成,出现在餐厅的后墙上,在弯曲走道的尽头。它由一系列拱形白色框架组成,两者之间是简单的木桌和椅子,顾客可以坐下来享受美食,同时俯瞰毗邻的彼得罗夫斯基公园。

The mural, which has been completed in the style of paintings by 20th-century Soviet artist Aleksandr Deyneka, appears on a rear wall of the restaurant, at the end of a curving walkway.It’s lined with a sequence of arched white frames, in between which are nestled simple timber tables and chairs where customers can sit and enjoy their food while overlooking the adjacent Petrovsky park.




Working with a restricted project budget, the studio has completed the rest of the space with a selection of low-cost materials.Timber beams line the back of the drinks area and its service bar, while rough blocks of red stone have been used to pave the floor.Concrete has been used to cover the surrounding walls and to form the board-marked prep counter in the open kitchen.



“We have minimised the number of finishing materials so that the space will be perceived as a whole,” added Korotkov.A handful of features, like the doors, counter surfacetops and exposed pipes in the ceiling, have been painted cobalt blue – the same colour as the kit and logo of Dynamo Moscow.


设计公司:architecture studio Mast
摄影:Polina Poludkina


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