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这个时尚清新的住宅设计项目位于维尔纽斯,设计团队October Design Studio将房子的建筑表达方式复制到了室内——现代、极简和随和。一些装饰细节值得特别关注,因为它们不仅构成了项目的独特特征,而且它们的运用如此优雅自如,值得深入探索。

This stylish and fresh house design project by October Design Studio is located in Vilnius, and the design team replicated the house architectural expression into the interior compositions – modern, minimalist and easy-going. Some decor details deserve special attention because they not only compose the unique character of the project, but they are also applied with such elegant ease that is worth exploring in depth.




First noticeable in the assembly is the colors and materials selection which gives a smooth rhythm to the open floor exposition of the social areas – dining and living room assembly and behind a custom-made shelving dabbling as partial wall the bedroom hides. Light pastels with black accents and alternation of wood, tiles, marble, linen, and brass are used to create the fresh ambiance of the whole house.




We love the way that the trendy brass accents – from the lighting solutions and decorative objects to the customized handles and utilitarian insertions – introduce a smidge of glamor and luxury into the elegant simplicity of straight lines and fresh colors. The same goes for the elegant marble, granite, and tile insertions in different places throughout the interior composition.The fresh mint -green of the customized cupboards and shelving in kitchen and living room designs is paired up with the pure feel of light wood and the trendy balk accents of partial walls, surfaces, lamps and furniture elements (including dark charcoal curtains). Elements all giving strong focal points and a good balance between relaxed and dynamic ambiances, between fresh and luxurious hints.




Special black accents are the trendy tiles in one of the bathrooms, arranged in a herringbone pattern. The same expressive presence has the dark silhouettes of the elegantly shaped lamps, furniture pieces, and textural components and especially the intriguing alternation between pastel and dark surfaces in the kitchen. The other tile compositions are also interesting – all together they resemble a patch of trendy elements – hexagonal shapes, metro tiles with contrasting fugues, irregular patterns.




The fresh aesthetic of the interior continues in the master and child’s bedrooms were intriguing wall patterns entwine with rich textural elements to give cozy yet easy-going feel to the decor composition, all with a restrained graphic and shapes visual impact in addition to the light colors selections.


设计公司:Ingrida Bieliauskė
摄影:Vaidotas Darulis


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