Kelly Wearstler︱圣莫尼卡Proper豪华精品酒店

设计世界酷女孩Kelly Wearstler设计了Santa Monica Proper,这是一家寻求仿效加州酷的精品酒店。这家位于西海岸的酒店集团是Viceroy Hotel Group创始人Brian De Lowe、Alex Samek和Brad Korzen家族中最新成立的正规酒店家族。

Design world cool-girl Kelly Wearstler is appropriately behind Santa Monica Proper, a boutique hotel seeking to emulate California cool. This West Coast outpost is the latest in the Proper Hotels family, from Viceroy Hotel Group founders Brian De Lowe, Alex Samek, and Wearstler’s husband Brad Korzen.



The Proper brand embodies a ‘looser’ kind of luxury, tapping into the local and surrounding culture in a way that appeals to long-term stays and staycationers just as much as holiday visitors.



酒店前身是Santa Monica Professional大楼,由Arthur E. Harvey于1928年以西班牙复兴风格设计,最初用于医疗套房。Howard Laks建筑事务所建造了一个与历史建筑相协调的新结构,包含了271个房间的酒店。

This latest West Coast branch started with the Santa Monica Professional building, designed by Arthur E. Harvey in 1928 in the Spanish Mission Revival style and originally used for medical suites. Howard Laks Architects built a new structure in harmony with the historic building, together which house the 271-room hotel.


Wearstler从整个酒店的经典圣莫尼卡历史(包括视觉和文化)中脱颖而出。 引人注目的物体点缀在公共空间,这是与L.A工匠定制合作原创艺术品和单片装置的结果,包括Ben Medansky,Morgan Peck,Tanya Aguiniga,Len Klikunas和Bradley Duncan。

Wearstler took lead from classic Santa Monica history, both visual and cultural, throughout the hotel. Striking objects dot the public spaces, a result of custom collaborations with L.A artisans for original artworks and monolithic installations, including Ben Medansky, Morgan Peck, Tanya Aguiniga, Len Klikunas, and Bradley Duncan. An assemblage of both new and vintage pieces add to the layered aesthetic and sense of the unexpected.



由新兴设计师克里斯·沃尔斯顿(Chris Wolston)设计的功能性赤土陶器和玻璃纤维椅子花瓶在接待处占据了重要位置,展示了一系列不断变化的异国情调花卉。Wearstler的独特材料和纹理的标志性风格被限制在中性色调内,包括瓷砖结构的柱子,抽象的,不规则的镶木地板,以及木材或石灰华的过渡全高拱门。

A functional terracotta and fibreglass chair-vase by emerging designer Chris Wolston takes pride of place in reception, displaying a regularly changing bouquet of exotic flowers. Wearstler’s signature flair for eclectic materials and textures are restrained within a neutral palette, including tile-clad structural columns, abstract, irregular parquetry, and transitional full-height archways of timber or travertine.


私人空间与圣莫尼卡标志性的沿海生活方式相关,具有多种有机色调和纹理混合。 271间客房分为两个独立的翼楼,一个是现代的,另一个是复古的,位于原始的西班牙建筑内。在复古的翼楼,中,Wearstler通过花卉壁纸,装饰灯和桃色裙边来展现复古风格。当代的侧翼更现代一些,有些是裸露的混凝土墙,架上安装着平板屏风和中世纪雕塑风格的家具。

Private spaces relate to Santa Monica’s iconic coastal lifestyle, featuring a multifaceted mix of organic tones and textures. 271 rooms are split across two separate wings, one contemporary and the other more retro, set within the original Spanish Mission building. In the retro wing, Wearstler plays up the throwback aspect with floral wallpaper, deco lights and peach skirting. The contemporary wing is more, well, contemporary, some with exposed concrete walls, easel-mounted flatscreens and sculptural mid-century furniture.



酒店坐落在一个创意中心,距离高档精品店,咖啡馆,农贸市场和海滩仅几步之遥,是邻里生活方式的整体延伸。设施包括Ayurvedic水疗中心,瑜伽和宽敞的屋顶游泳池。即将开业的是Proper的招牌餐厅Onda,这是当地备受尊敬的厨师Jessica Koslow和Gabriela Camara之间备受期待的合作。

Situated in a creative hub steps from upmarket boutiques, wellness cafes, farmers markets and the beach, the hotel is a holistic extension of the neighbourhood lifestyle. Amenities include an Ayurvedic spa, yoga, and an expansive rooftop pool. Opening soon is Proper’s signature restaurant, Onda, a highly anticipated collaboration between locally revered chefs Jessica Koslow and Gabriela Camara.


室内设计:Kelly Wearstler
摄影:The Ingalls


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