Brady Williams | 伦敦Bob Bob Cité法国餐厅

Bob Bob Cité是由BradyWilliams设计的伦敦金融城最大的法国餐厅,其八英里的镜面抛光精钢装饰在内部营造出闪亮的光泽。

Eight miles of mirror-polished steel trim creates a glistening finish inside Bob Bob Cité, a maximalist French restaurant in the City of London designed by Brady Williams.


设计团队最终的目标是创造出一些古怪、古怪、令人难忘的东西,但这些东西不符合典型的思维方式,Bob Bob Cite的灵感来自于21世纪的设计和未来的航空旅行。

“The ultimate goal was to create something quirky, eccentric and memorable that didn’t conform to typical thinking.””Developing the notion of travel, which inspired the design at sibling restaurant Bob Bob Ricard, Bob Bob Cité is inspired by 21st-century design and future aviation travel.”




The walls of the main dining room are covered with Japanese book-binding paper accented with the mirror-polished steel trim. The trim weighs over five-and-a-half tons and is held in place by 48,000 hand-polished ‘snake eye’ bolts.”The weight of these bolts alone is such that a separate structural assessment had to be undertaken to ensure that the floor plate could support the load,” said Brady.




Shutov’s love of primary colours influenced the bold red and blue palette of the main dining room, complementing the existing yellow in the building’s architecture.The restaurant boasts three private dining rooms, each with a personal reception area that guests can use for pre-dinner drinks.Rosewood marquetry panelling on walls and ceilings throughout the various dining spaces was crafted off-site and installed as complete pieces, for a precise finish.



最初的Bob Bob Ricard餐厅在每张桌子上都有一个“Press for Champagne”按钮,这一功能已经在Instagram上受到食客们的欢迎。它也被融入到这里的设计中——这次是用法语。

The original Bob Bob Ricard restaurant includes a “Press for Champagne” button on each table, a feature that has become popular with diners posting on Instagram. It has been incorporated into the design here – this time in French.


当“Pressez pour le Champagne”被激活时,表格编号出现在包装餐厅内部和外立面的自动收报盘上——这参考了伦敦金融区的位置。

When ‘Pressez pour le Champagne’ is activated, the table number appears on a ticker tape that wraps both the interior and the facade of the restaurant – a reference to its location in London’s financial district.


项目名称:Bob Bob Cité
室内设计:Brady Williams


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