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Leliving Butterfly Resort is hidden at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lijiang, China, with piled white clouds above, cluster of old trees around and a secluded setting far away from hustle and bustle.



YuQiang & Partners作为梦蝶庄的改造设计者,在尽可能地保留现有建筑风貌和室内框架的同时,也让梦蝶庄重新焕发生机。

It’s a transformation project, approached by YuQiang & Partners. The design team tried to revitalize the old architecture whilst retaining the original architectural appearance and interior framework as much as possible.




Butterflies in dream were given concrete forms, which passed through the tunnel of time and stopped in the space.



The ambience of the reception area was reinterpreted, exuding natural elegance.




The material palette of exquisite velvet, stones with natural grains as well as aging-processed metal and rattan is classical and nostalgic, conveying a sense of age. With soft light, the interior space is given a dramatic atmosphere.



As far as the eyes can see, blue renders the space serene and elegant, and the copper gold color carries the trace of time.




In the book bar, orange sofas blend and contrast with the peacock-blue chairs, forming visual highlight in the space.



轻松的蓝调音乐响起,具有几分艺术风情的Le Bar就在不远处,转过竹林、石径方能看到。

Relaxing blues music can be heard from the nearby artistic Le Bar, which can be seen after passing through a bamboo grove and a stone path.




The tea room retains an old Chinese-style stone desk, which endows the space with a scholarly atmosphere. With glass door panels, seasonal changes can be seen from indoor. In winter, the guests can boil snow water and brew tea in the room whilst enjoying the spectacular view that sunlight shines onto the snow mountain and gives it a golden color, which would definitely leaves them a warm memory.




The fireplace in the bar was preserved from the original space. The dark blue steel wall makes the entire space calming. And the interior blocks are staggered with changes, forming a contrast of solidness and void and also strengthening the artistic sense of the space in multiple dimensions.




The comfortable sofa and lounge chairs are perfect for guests to have a rest. Following daylight, tree shadows fall into the room. And wine bottles are well arranged in picturesque disorder, which presents unique aesthetic.




Sitting beside fire and savoring a glass of cocktail, the guests would leisurely appreciate the artistic conception that mixes antique elements with Western style.




The courtyard outside is tranquil and deep, flourishing with bamboo and bishopwood. The visual experience varies at every step. In the glass room, the designers made the dining space an enchanting “flora garden”, which features diverse scenery throughout the year.




In the daytime, the lush vegetation and the glass pendent lamps highlight each other. At dusk, catalpa trees are bathed in the mild sunshine. Sitting in the space to listen to music, watch the flowing clouds and touch the breeze, is a fantastic experience.




All in all, Leliving Butterfly Resort is an enchanting wonderland, where people can feel totally relaxed to enjoy the view of snow mountain in the rooms, have a nice dream and meet interesting people.



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项目名称:乐领 · 梦蝶庄
软装设计:沃屋陈设 许启南


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