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atelier sergio rebelo与设计师mary jordan合作,完成了odeon的设计,这是一家致力于创意社区的酒吧,餐厅和俱乐部。odeon是爱沙尼亚首都塔林波希米亚中心的现代社交俱乐部。该空间位于一个工业社区内——以19世纪的纺织和金属工厂为特征——现在被认为是城市发展最快的地区之一。设计团队的目标是创造出一种散发优雅气息的氛围,并表达出以铜色调为框架的枝叶繁茂的氛围,温暖的走廊和巨大的镜像柱子贯穿整个空间。

atelier sergio rebelo, in collaboration with designer mary jordan, complete ‘odeon’ — a bar, restaurant, and club dedicated to creative communities. odeon is a contemporary social club in the bohemian heart of estonia’s capital city tallinn. the design team aimed to generate an atmosphere which exudes elegance and expresses a leafy ambience framed with copper hues, a warm corridor and giant mirrored pillars throughout the space. the space is situated within an industrial neighborhood — characterized by 19th century-era textile and metal factories — which is now considered to be among the most rapidly developing areas of the city.




the space is flooded with natural light with views that are both urban and quiet. inspired by the sequential spatial organization of a train, the layout begins with the restaurant’s vestibule, with two large vintage chandeliers at an entrance filled with art and eclectic artifacts.



guests next encounter a lounge and dining area expressive of the classic diners of california, here translated with a new and unexpected combination of materials: terrazzo panels, handcrafted tile, rosewood, copper and recycled plastic chairs. at the far end, guests discover a warm colored room clad with orange wool and cork wall finishing — during the day this room is used for private events while it is dedicated to music and dancing in the evening.


设计公司:atelier sérgio rebelo + mary jordan
摄影:felix laasme


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