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Art echoes with life and nature and passes down strength and beauty.



Among the out-of-the-world views of connecting sea and sky, linking mountain and sea, there stands a pure white art gallery on the cliff. Like a paper crane waving the wings, it is waiting for the wind to fly to a boundless world.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆视频
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As an artistic masterpiece that is firstly given birth among the Cloud Coast projects by Shuangyue Bay, the cliff art gallery is more than a sales center, but a spiritual landmark representing aesthetics and culture. With architecture as the container which takes free imagination about nature and art, the gallery upholds a lifestyle of fashion and elegance, authenticity and purity to attract urban residents who pursue high-quality life.




Through the full-length glass elevation, the views of water and mountains come into the eyes. Since then, the ideal of “Facing the sea with spring blossoms” is no longer unapproachable. Echoing the hard furnishing concept, the FF&E design conducted by MSA has sublimed the beauty of nature with its rich imagination. The lines and profiles of furniture and artworks are evolved from natural landscapes, creating a poetic imagery of “the gallery standing above the sea and mountain, while the sea and mountain are hidden inside the gallery.”




White, either tolerating for everything or solitary from anything, exudes pure and clear charm and comprises the keynote for the art gallery. The FF&E design inherits the simple and chic disposition of white and also adds light grey and marine blue as supplementary, which obscures the boundary between business and art and pulls people closer to the space.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-前台



The pendant light over the reception is an artwork of memories. Taking the form of fishing net, its almost transparent structure comes after the real main character of the space–light. Like a switch that turns on the memories, it brings back the ancient wish for leaving seaside and integrates it with current noble and elegant art life.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-前台


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-艺术品


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-沙盘区



The chandelier “wings of the seagull” stretches from the sand table area to the art book bar. Lined wings turn into numerous seagulls flying in the azure sky, adding liveliness to the space. Standing in the open area, accompanied by those flying elves and soothing green palette, you will be amazed and touched by the magic power of nature and life.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-海鸥吊灯



The VIP chatting room is like an interesting underwater world that is featured by microbe-shaped chandelier, fish-like net artwork on the wall and styled carpet. Highlighting the good taste for art and life, the crafted arc leather sofa , baked painting coffee table and solid wood chair bring comforts to people and encourage them to open the heart to have profound conversations.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-洽谈室


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-签约室


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-艺术楼梯


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-吊灯细节


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-艺术楼梯


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-吊灯细节



On shiny days, the light passes through the hollow ceiling and brings nature inside. In order to match such tranquil ambience, MSA tries to make every space independent from each other, so that people inside will not be disturbed but be engaged in purifying their own hearts and then go back to a peaceful and unhurried life.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-二层文化艺术书吧


Thomas Heatherwick名作陀螺椅的点缀,不仅提升空间艺术格调,更增添趣味性与设计感。一组充满力量感的“鱼尾”艺术装置,呼应天花盘旋的海鸥吊灯,构造出“人在海上”的空间错觉。

Thomas Heatherwick’s well known Spun chair has not only elevated the artistic level but added more fun and design sense. An echo to the seagull pendant, a powerful set of “fish tail” installation brings people to an illusion that “I’m on the sea”.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-二层文化艺术书吧


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-二层文化艺术书吧艺术品


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆-二层露台



Art is a way to express good wishes and can turn ideals into realities. With an art gallery that nurtures people’s spirits and displays the aesthetics of nature, MSA has reclaimed a piece of peaceful land for people living in chaotic cities, taking ideals in front of them and touching the bottom of their hearts.


∇ 云顶海岸悬崖艺术馆

Project Name: Cliff Art Gallery of Cloud Coast
Site: Cloud Coast Garden Shuangyue Bay, Huidong County, Huizhou
Area: 2000 square meters
Aerial Photography & Video: Zhou Zhendong
Photographer: Xiao En


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