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Located in the heart of Sydney’s central business district, Snøhetta has designed Aesop’s largest store to date. In the middle of this busy cosmopolitan shopping area, along the pedestrianized section of Pitt Street, the design of Aesop’s store intends to slow down the pace of passersby, encourage browsing, and draw attention to the contrasting textures and materials of the surrounding buildings.



Aesop Pitt Street is a result of the spirit of Sydney infused in the ambiance and mission of Aesop, which includes creating honest products to be sold in shops which reflect the context of their locations, communities, and environments.The interior space of Aesop Pitt Street is tranquil and peaceful, leaving visitors with a feeling of serenity and reassurance.




Responding to the energy of the downtown area, the store’s entrance, clad in textured granite, is set back from the street and provides a moment to decompress and transition into the space, metaphorically bringing the coastal calm into the busy city center.The design process began with understanding the relationships between the spirit of the coast and waterfront at Bondi Beach, and the vibrancy of the central business district.



巨大的花岗岩结构包裹着砂岩建筑的内部,向克里斯托和珍妮·克劳德(1968-1968)的Wrapped Coast致敬,使小海湾的砂岩峭壁成为戏剧性的月球景观。

A monumental granite structure wraps the interior of the sandstone building, paying homage to Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s 1968-9 Wrapped Coast, which rendered the sandstone cliffs of Little Bay a theatrical, lunar landscape. Aesop Sydney brings the greatness and tranquility of coastal cliffs to the bustling downtown environment.



Carved grooves in the stone create the divisions where metal shelves have been inserted, integrating shaves into the cladding. Polished metal detailing reflects the stone, creating an almost invisible line and highlighting the products displayed around the perimeter of the space.


项目名称:Aesop Pitt Street Store
摄影:Benjamin Hosking


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