墨西哥设计师Gloria Cortina与Gomez de Tuddo Arquitectos工作室合作,为艺术收藏者打造了这座朴素的白色沙滩别墅,室内设计简约。

Mexican designer Gloria Cortina teamed with studio Gomez de Tuddo Arquitectos to create this stark white beach house with minimal interiors for art collectors.



The two-storey house is located in Mexican resort town Cabo San Lucas, at the southern end of the country’s Baja California peninsula.




Known for its desert-like setting of sandy dunes and bright blue seas, the region influenced the design of the project, created by Gloria Cortina and architect Mauricio Gomez of Gomez de Tuddo Arquitectos.The house comprises a rectangular, cantilevering top floor that projects over its base to create shaded outdoor areas and several private balconies above.



Its symmetrical design is a focal point, and dramatised by the balconies that project eight metres over patios below. One of these faces the sea and is complete with an outdoor living room, while the other faces south.The north-south axis of the house splits the home in two, and is outdoors, thus resulting in a pair of two-storey volumes that each have their own staircases.




The house was “conceived as a bird, coming down and landing – a form that was very useful, not only externally but in its interiors,” according to the team.



Its off-white, clay-plaster exterior reflects the starkness of the landscape and is traditionally used in the region. The brightness also “creates a sense of order which captures and controls light and shade,” according to Cortina, who added that the aim was to create a home that was well integrated to the surroundings.




For layout, the home comprises areas for entraining and relaxing on one side of its ground floor. Across the outdoor corridor is a kitchen and dining room with two black tables surrounded by pale wood chairs.



Sliding glass doors open onto an outdoor patio furnished like a living room, complete with a sofa, chairs, outdoor kitchen and dining area. A deck is built further from the house. Water from the swimming pool reaches the base of upholstered chaise lounges, giving the effect that they are floating.Completing the outdoor space is a sitting area that has been built into the ground, and filled with cushioned benches.




Decorating the home are sofas in grey and cream tones, paired with geometric coffee tables and other minimal furnishings and sculptural accent pieces.Fabrics such as indigo, cotton and linen are applied throughout, alongside wood doors in black.



A parking garage is housed underneath the residence, and accessed via a sloped driveway from the street above.



∇ 平面图 plan

∇ 剖面图 section

设计公司:Gloria Cortina + Gomez de Tuddo Arquitectos
摄影:Stephanie Draime and Eduardo Cerruti


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