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由Storey Studio设计的这家纽约快闪店,6米高的木框内悬挂着半透明的白色和粉色蕾丝花边。这家快闪店位于SoHo区的中心地带,是Self-Portrait在美国开设的第一家实体零售店。在此之前,该女装品牌只能在其网站、伦敦旗舰店或高端时尚零售商处购买。

Translucent swathes of white and pink floral lace hang from six-metre-high wooden frames inside this New York pop-up store, designed by Storey Studio.The pop-up store is located at the heart of the SoHo neighbourhood and is the first physical retail space that Self-Portrait has opened in the United States.Prior to this, pieces from the womenswear brand could only be purchased on its website, in its London flagship store or via high-end fashion retailers.



在设计该纽约的快闪店时,总部位于伦敦的Storey Studio希望带领购物者踏上“探索、触摸和发现之旅”。因此,建筑的入口通道创造了一个蕾丝的“触觉迷宫”,当顾客走过商店时,它将他们包围。“我们想要激发他们的好奇和期待。”工作室的创始人Robert Storey说。

When it came to designing the New York pop-up, London-based Storey Studio wanted to take shoppers on a “journey of exploration, touch and discovery”.A “tactile labyrinth” of lace has therefore been created in the building’s entryway, enveloping customers as they walk through to the shop floor.”We wanted to create intrigue and anticipation from outside of the store,” said Robert Storey, founder of the studio.




Thin sheets of pink and white lace have been hung at various lengths and arranged in a loose, concentric circle – lace panels in the innermost ring are the shortest in length, allowing visitors to pass easily underneath.To maintain the arc-shape of the lace panels, each sheet is sewn to a curved metal rod. These are attached by tensile wires to huge timber frames that flank each side of the store.




The studio was additionally hoping that using lace would capture the “femininity” of the brand’s garments, which frequently feature sculptural frills, layered mesh and asymmetric cut-outs.




Colour-changing LED lights – which shift from pastel pink to yellow, orange and red – have also been incorporated to illuminate lace sheets. They hang from the ceiling in narrow tubes.



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项目名称:Self-Portrait Pop Up AW19
设计公司:Storey Studio
摄影:Jonathan Hökklo


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