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Located in the San Francisco’s Financial District, the new Canopy office occupies a five-storey building dating back to 1890. The ground floor contains commercial space, while the upper levels offer a total of 32 private offices of varying sizes. Tenants have access to communal amenities such as conference rooms, lounges and kitchens.



The interior design is meant to respect the original architecture and offer a “serene, distraction-free environment for members to concentrate, connect, and do their best work”. The team intentionally avoided trendy elements like foosball tables and neon signs.



设计师利用这座城市的标志性雾气和沿海地形,将银色,蓝色和棕褐色调融合在一起。 花旗松的大量使用——用于地板,墙板和橱柜——增添了亮度和温度。

Drawing upon the city’s iconic fog and coastal terrain, the designers incorporated shades of silver, blue and tan. Ample use of Douglas fir – for flooring, wall siding and cabinetry – adds lightness and warmth. Daylight flows in through large windows on three sides of the building.


原始的砖墙被涂成浅灰色,以营造一种平静的氛围。 墙壁上还加了一块蓝石板,让人联想到“当阳光洒在太平洋上时,浪花破浪、泡沫消退后海水的颜色”。

Original brick walls were painted pale grey to help create a calming atmosphere. A slate-blue glaze was added to walls, evoking “the colour of the water after a wave has broken and the foam has subsided, when the sun shines upon the Pacific Ocean”.




Glass walls delineate the individual offices, which can seat anywhere from one to 10 workers. The Modernus partitions are made of high-tech glass that helps block noise. For those who need extra privacy, the building has sound-proof phone booths by Room.



工作区配有来自Herman Miller的作品,包括Brian Alexander的坐式办公桌和Behar的Sayl办公椅。

The work areas are furnished with pieces from Herman Miller, including sit-to-stand desks by Brian Alexander and Sayl office chairs by Behar.


公共区域的其他家具包括纽约工作室Giancarlo Valle设计的古怪的Smile躺椅,以及英国艺术家Faye Toogood设计的矮胖的Roly Poly椅子。用古老的石头制成的花盆和垃圾桶增添了乡村气息

Other furnishings in the communal areas include whimsical, Smile lounge chairs by New York’s Studio Giancarlo Valle and chunky, Roly Poly chairs by British artist Faye Toogood. Planters and waste bins made of distressed stone add a rustic touch.


设计公司:Yves Behar
摄影:Ben Kist


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