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MOC DESIGN OFFICE受客户委托完成了位于深圳前海的温莎双语幼儿园的设计。


MOC DESIGN OFFICE is hired to design the Windsor Bilingual Kindergarten in Qianhai, Shenzhen.

Windsor Bilingual Kindergarten is the sister school of the renown Dulwich College. It is currently the only kindergarten that introduces and thoroughly implements the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in China.



The kindergarten locates in the CBD, within a quiet block of Unicenter Qianhai, Shenzhen. Due to the limited outdoor area, the design focus is to achieve the overall functional needs under the current conditions.


从户外活动区看向入口,the entrance view from the outdoor area



Children grow their keen awareness, expression and problem-solving ability by establishing contacts with, observing and playing games with things. So the designer’s target is to focus on the children and to create an inspirational space where they can get closer to the nature, walk, play, explore and build freely as they wish.




The entrance hall is a very playful, energetic and exciting space and as the only pathway welcoming every child into the building. A sandpit is created next to the windows, engaging the children to play in the sunlight.


∇ 沙池,Sandpit




All kids are eager to play and grow up together. The design abandons excessive colors and cartoon patterns to inspire the kid’s interest, but rather carefully select and restrict its usage.

The 3-6 years old children usually convert what they see into simple symbols and it is the way they explore and learn about the environment. Therefore, the house-shaped benches have been cut into the sides of the room to bring out the simplicity and vitality.


通往公共活动区的走廊提供了座位,是孩子们交流的重要场所,The corridor to the public playground is an important meetup place for the children.



简明的色彩和造型,使空间简洁而不失活泼,Simple colors and clear-cut shapes make the space look clean and vigorous



To further connect the children to the nature, the window side is transformed into the public playground, which ensures they have adequate sunshine. The slides, ramps, swings and other facilities are customized for the children, so as to effectively nurture them the perception of space, balance, speed and rhythm through the games while making the supplement to the outdoor activity area.



∇ 儿童公共活动区,Children’s public playground.



The split-level spatial experience is designed to expand the extra space for activities, which exclusively accommodates the kids for their height.



The split-level arrangement is also adopted in the elevated platform in the classroom, providing different functional levels and encouraging the children to explore around. There are also a separate cabin here as well as some small space under the stairs for crawling and playing. It turns out that they are the kids’ favorite spots for sharing intimate secrets and doing role plays.



∇ 错层平台分析图,Elevated platform analysis

∇ 错层在教室中形成的抬高平台,Elevated platform on a split level in the classroom


∇课室外的存物柜和观察窗,观察窗上方毛毡可用磁吸作为班级公告栏使用  Small cupboards and observation window outside the classroom. The felt at the window can be used as the class bulletin board with magnet



The kindergarten follows the edutainment pattern, discovering and developing the children and their characteristics through various kinds of activities. Indoor multifunctional rooms such as children’s theater, picture book library, play kitchen are also designed to invite and encourage the kids to explore and participate in plays, reading and creative crafts. All of them fulfills the diverse needs of children at different ages.


∇绘本馆的天花以堆叠的积木为概念进行设计 Picture book library ceiling decorated with building blocks

∇ 绘本馆,Picture book library


∇ 儿童剧场同时也可作为舞蹈教室和运动场使用,Children’s theater with functions of dance studio and gymnasium



In the process of rapid urban development, commercial shopping centers and residential buildings increase day by day and gradually squeeze the public space. Kindergartens are not able to have large enough area to build in a low-density detached structure like the old days. It is inevitable, but fortunately Windsor Bilingual Kindergarten is actively adapting itself and getting involved: a niche is carved out of the high-density residential and shopping buildings and an educational space full of vitality is ultimately created without compromising on the limited site conditions.


∇ 平面图,Plan


项目名称: 温莎双语幼儿园
主创设计师: 梁宁森,吴岫微

Project Name:Windsor Bilingual Kindergarten
Leading Designer:Sam Liang,Vivi Wu
Time:Apr 2017 – Jul 2017
Completion: Mar 2018
Location: Shenzhen, China
Area: 2200㎡
Materials: Wood Panels / Armstrong Hom PVC Flooring / Armstrong Ultima AirGuard Ceiling
Client: Windsor Bilingual Kindergarten
Photographer: Zhang Chao



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