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Akin Atelier通过向当代与未来致敬,将古老住宅的过去连接起来,设计了一个经典永恒和独特性的家庭住宅。当进入住宅有序的区域安排将客人引向宽敞的门前露台,其中可观赏塔玛拉玛海滩和塔斯曼海的景色。对其来自于新西兰的住宅主人来说,室内的窗口通过过滤和框定的景色视野,与自然的刻意联系是最重要的。

Bridging its heritage past, with a nod to its contemporary future, Akin Atelier designed a home where dualities are both ever-present and heralded. From approach, an ordered arrangement of zones leads the visitor from the front door, out to the expansive deck – one that engulfs its views of Tamarama Beach and the Tasman Sea. The deliberate connection to nature, through filtered and framed views beyond, was paramount to its New Zealand-based clients.



通过修复和恢复房屋的遗产特征,一种历史感被注入到新的建筑中。现代风格与夏克尔(shaker)风格相结合的细木工装饰,与住宅的悠久历史联系在一起。作为一个整体的方法,AAkin Atelier希望保留一种更小、更亲密的家庭气氛,其规模和位置是次要的。厨房成为家庭住宅空间的中心,鼓励家人参与聚会和家庭活动,而所有其他区域都从这个交汇点连接起来。

Through restoration and reinstating of the home’s heritage features, a sense of its history has been injected into the new works. Together with a modern take on shaker style, new joinery connects with the home’s storied past. As an overall approach, Akin Atelier wanted to retain a humble and reserved sense of the smaller and more intimate feelings of the cottage-style home, and its scale and location are secondary to this. The kitchen becomes the centre of the home, encouraging gathering and purpose, while all other zones hinge from this meeting point.




Referencing its adjacency to the sea, the materiality and imbedded texture reflect a coastal ease, with colours such as ‘whale-watching’ blue, mangrove buff sandstone paving, New Zealand wool carpet and custom-stained floorboards. The palette mirrors the client’s eclecticism and sense of curiosity. The use of blue-moon marble is a reminder of the rivers in New Zealand and the use of varied lighting and curated objects further play into the duality and balance intended by the designers.



Akin Atelier设计了一个能够体现到主人的个性与生活理念的住宅,将时间和历史梳理交织在一起,形成主人游历广泛的生活的一个缩影。对现有的庆祝和新当代元素的引入以其自身嵌入的个性创造了一系列的空间,表达了喜爱收集和旅行的个人生活的想法。

Akin Atelier envisioned a home that captures the nuances of its owners, with layers of texture, time and history woven into it, as a capsule of their well-travelled lives. The celebration of the existing and the introduction of new contemporary elements with their own embedded personality create a series of spaces that speak to the ideas of collecting and curating one’s life.




项目名称:Ashley Street住宅
设计师:Akin Atelier
摄 影:Prue Ruscoe



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