Tali Roth | 非凡的时尚设计

Tali Roth是一家墨尔本室内设计工作室,以非凡的时尚设计而闻名,她们喜欢将奢华的面料与干净的线条和几何形状结合起来,创造出反映时尚和复杂轮廓的空间。

Tali Roth, was known for her sleek designs that combined luxurious fabrics with clean lines and geometric shapes to create collections that reflected chic and sophisticated silhouettes.

Tali Roth大学时并不是学的设计,2009她从Monash大学心理学专业毕业,并成立了自己的时装品牌,开始了她的设计生涯。在为这个品牌工作了六个季度之后,Tali决定在墨尔本皇家理工大学攻读室内设计学位,2013年成立了自己的同名工作室。

Tali Roth was not a student of design. In 2009, she graduated from Monash University with a major in psychology and established her own fashion brand. She began her design career. After six successful seasons Tali decided to pursue a degree in interior design at RMIT University and in 2013 set up his own studio.

Tali Roth对纺织品,质地,形状和颜色的热情在她工作的每一个项目中都有所体现,她喜欢使用艺术品,各种配饰,灯光,纺织品,油漆和并可以用任何其他纹理来划分每个空间。这是Tali对细节的特别关注,她认为这让自己变得与众不同。Tali坚持认为每一个微妙的细节在她工作的空间都会说话。

Talis passion for textiles, texture, shape and color is revealed in every single project that she works on. She likes to layer each space using artwork, various accessories, lighting, textiles, paint and any other texture she can introduce. It is Tali’s exceptional attention to detail that she believes sets her apart. She maintains that it is the subtle details that speak volumes in the spaces she works in.


Roths love for people, and the appciation she has for their unique spaces, is what drives her success. She appciates that the client’s wants and needs are paramount. To that end, she works closely with her clients to ensure that a space is created that not only meets, but exceeds, their expectations.

设计:Tali Roth设计工作室



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