Breathe Architecture | 推动积极变革的设计

Breathe Architecture是一家位于墨尔本的工作室,由建筑师Jeremy McLeod成立于2000年,旨在设计世界一流的建筑,并对住房的可负担性,可达性和可持续性产生持久而有意义的影响。

Breathe Architecture is a Melbourne based studio, founded in 2000 by architect Jeremy McLeod, designing world class architecture with an enduring and meaningful impact on housing affordability, accessibility, and sustainability.

Jeremy 毕业于澳大利亚的塔斯马尼亚大学的建筑系,他在儿时的第一个梦想是当一名潜水员,从没想过有一天他会痴迷于建造桥梁,并决定成为一名建筑师,

Jeremy was graduated from The University of Tasmania in the Architecture. His first childhood dream was to be a driver. But then at some point he became obsessed with building bridges and decided he wanted to be an architect.

Breathe Architecture是一个由专业建筑师组成的团队,在为各种规模的项目提供高质量设计享有良好声誉。一直致力于可持续的城市化,尤其是一直在研究如何为墨尔本人提供更廉价的城市住房。

Breathe Architecture is a team of dedicated architects with a solid reputation for delivering high-quality design. They focus on sustainable urbanization—in particular, they have been investigating how to deliver more affordable urban housing to Melburnians.

Breathe Architecture的目的是设计对所有人都有意义和可使用的架构。从整体和可持续的角度来研究建筑环境,协调任何经济气候下的生态和社会设计影响。他们的目标是成为这个领域的变革推动者,并为生活和工作在城市里的人们做宣传。

Their purpose is to design architecture that is meaningful and accessible to all. To approach the built environment from a holistic and sustainable perspective, reconciling ecological and social design impacts within any economic climate. Their goal is to be change agents in this space. They mean to be advocates for the people in the cities in which we live and work.


Jeremy was awarded the 2016 Leadership in Sustainability Prize at the AIA Australian Achievement in Architecture Awards as well as the 2017 Victorian AIA Awards Interior Architecture (Slack Asia Pacific HQ). And he won the2018 Prime Ministers Architectural Design Awards from the Victorian government.

设计:Breathe Architecture



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