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蒙特利尔设计师Alexandre Blazys说,人总是在简单而整洁的空间里看起来更好。当我们看起来不错的时候,我们会感觉更舒服。Blazys和合作伙伴Benoit Gerard的任务是为这家新开的餐厅Dandy打造一个时尚而又轻松的室内环境,他们为餐厅提供了一个同样优雅而朴实的令人愉悦的空间。

People, says Montreal designer Alexandre Blazys, always look better in spaces that are simple and uncluttered. And when we look good, we feel more comfortable. Tasked with creating a stylish, yet relaxed interior for Dandy, a new Montreal restaurant, Blazys and partner Benoit Gérard delivered cheerful a space that is equally elegant and unpretentious.



Dandy餐厅是着名的蒙特利尔厨师Michael Tozzi的第一家餐厅,位于一幢经典的旧港口建筑内,拥有赭黄砂岩的雕塑感美学立面。这个空间原本是一家保险公司,拥有巨大的窗户。然而,当设计师第一次访问时,它非常黑暗。受到窗户的启发,他们问自己,如果原来的租户还在那里,入口区会是什么样子。因此,他们将服务柜台设计成银行的服务柜台,并建造了两个大拱门来衬托餐厅。

The first restaurant from celebrated Montreal chef Michael Tozzi, Dandy restaurant is located in a classic Old Port building, with a sculptural Beaux-Arts façade in ocher yellow sandstone.The space, originally an insurance company boasts huge windows. And yet it was very dark when the designers first visited. Inspired by the windows – the only vestiges of the insurance company – they asked themselves what the entrance area would have looked like if the original tenant were still there. As a result, they designed the service counter as if it were that of a bank, positioning it prominently to complement the long dining room and its two rows of banquettes, as well as the kitchen, at the back of the room. Inspired by the curved windows, they soon hit on the idea of building two large arches to set off the dining room.



最重要的是,合作伙伴使用了木材来处理光线。“对我们来说,光是另一种原材料。我们玩它并雕刻它,就像其他材料一样。”Blazys和Gérard选择了偏黄的色调,利用了这种颜色反射和吸收光线的能力。最后,自然光 在Dandy不断出现, 照亮了脸部,增强了休闲的氛围。

Above all, the partners worked with light the way they work with wood. “To us, light is another raw material. We play with it and sculpt it, just like any other material.” Blazys and Gérard opted for yellowish accents, taking advantage of the color’s capacity to reflect and absorb light. The result: natural light – a constant presence at Dandy – illuminates faces and enhances the casual ambiance.



Like the chef’s kitchen, the entire restaurant needed to be about energy, freshness and simplicity. The partners, therefore, chose a single color – an orange-yellow – to give the space a sunny vibe. The floor is finished in classic white oak, while the entrance hall echoes the banquettes with terrazzo poured in situ. Activity zones, like the service counter near the entrance or the bar near the kitchen, are set apart through the use of red.


摄 影:Adrien Williams



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