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米其林三星大厨Gordon Ramsay的Lucky Cat餐厅将于今年夏天在Mayfair开业,它已经成为伦敦餐饮界备受期待的新成员。

Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay Restaurants is set to open in Mayfair this summer and is already a hotly anticipated addition to London’s dining scene.


餐厅的概念从20世纪30年代的东京都市中汲取灵感,尤其是当时在日本随处可见的Kissa。这些Kissas是地下俱乐部,提供食物,爵士音乐和美酒,曾经是一个繁荣的机构。Lucky Cat通过俏皮的参考反映了这个充满活力的时代,并用一些酷炫的设计细节作为点缀。

AfroditiKrassa, known for its work on the likes of Dishoom and Curzon Cinemas, has unveiled that the concept will draw design inspiration from urban Tokyo in the 1930s, particularly the Kissa concepts found throughout Japan at the time. These Kissas were underground clubs that offered food, jazz music and great drinks, and were once a thriving institution. Lucky Cat reflects back to this vibrant era with playful references and nods to these urban-cool design details throughout.



在潜在的装饰艺术影响下,布局的构思方式确保了餐厅中的每个桌子都有一个不错的视角。厨师的桌子,位于场地的中心,客人可以选择定制的手写季节性菜单,同时品尝观看专业厨师团队的备餐工作。同时,Raw Bar酒吧拥有豪华的环境,供应精致的寿司和生鱼片。顾客还将有机会租用一间私人餐厅,提供三个活动空间和令人难忘的庆祝活动,室内设计与主餐厅空间相呼应,以暗靛蓝色调、破旧的皮椅和温暖的氛围照明贯穿始终。

With an underlying art-deco influence, the layout has been conceived in a way that ensures every table in the house will offer an exciting perspective. Chef’s Tables, situated in the heart of the venue, allow guests to choose from a bespoke, handwritten, seasonal menu whilst savouring the theatre of watching the team of expert Chefs at work. Meanwhile, the Raw Bar offers a luxurious setting to enjoy exquisite sushi and sashimi. Customers will also be given the chance to hire out a private dining room, offering three spaces for events and memorable celebrations, with interiors that echo the main restaurant space, featuring shades of dark indigo, distressed leather chairs and warm, mood lighting throughout.




Design features such as the Uchiwa fan ceiling installation and the cast brass bamboo bar front enhance the Asian flair of the venue, whilst rare Japanese knife displays will peak the interest of guests as they make their way to their seats. Intricately curved brass screens, antique mirrors, black bamboo panelling and layered linen screens are just a few of the elements which build a luxurious undertone throughout, whilst the geometric patterns, Japanese indigo dyed fabrics and distressed leather reinforce the playful ambience.



为了符合它的名字,整个空间加入很多猫的元素,像是猫浮雕瓷砖,石猫雕像和猫尾巴挂钩等,还有酒吧区的Maneki Nejo猫墙,以及300个定制的手工陶瓷猫。

Living up to its name, there will be playful cat references throughout the venue, with the likes of subtle cat relief tiles, stone cat statues and cat tail hooks complimenting more dominant features, like the Maneki Nejo cat wall in the bar area, comprising of 300 bespoke, handmade ceramic cats.


项目名称:Lucky Cat by Gordon Ramsay Restaurants



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