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Slack的首席执行官Stewart Butterfield是一名户外运动爱好者,也是一名徒步旅行者。因为这条“小径在Slack位于温哥华和旧金山的两间办公室之间架起了一座桥梁。O+A的设计理念是创造一种逐层唤起这些景观的感觉——实际上是把上电梯的过程变成从巴哈到太平洋西北部的虚拟之旅。这个想法不仅是为了提出各种地形和植物的背景,也是为了捕捉远足和工作之间的经验联系。

Slack’s CEO Stewart Butterfield is an outdoorsman, a hiker who goes off grid every year and recharges in the various types of wilderness—desert, mountains, forest—that make up the Pacific Crest Trail. Because that trail forms a bridge between two of Slack’s offices in Vancouver and San Francisco it seemed a thematic link too rich to pass up. O+A’s concept was to create a floor-by-floor evocation of those landscapes—in effect to turn a trip up the elevator into a virtual trip from Baja to the Pacific Northwest. The idea was to suggest not just a variety of topographical and botanical contexts, but to capture, as well, the experiential links between hiking a wilderness trail—and work.



每天的工作都是一条新的路 Every Day at Work Is a New Path Taken


Slack’s team saw a value in having each floor reflect the variety and irregularity of nature. Just as wayfinding on a mountain trail, is often a matter of conferring with other hikers, every work day is an experience of collaborating with others to find your way to the next level. The unique configurations of each floor at Slack echo the mental stimulation—and need for community— that comes with taking a new path.



把泥土裂成青苔墙 Cracked Earth to Walls of Moss


To replicate indoors the distinctly outdoor experience of the Pacific Crest Trail O+A chose a succession of finishes and palettes that subtly suggest changing landscapes. Each floor draws its look and feel from the characteristics of its natural inspiration. Floor 2’s baked earth colors and ubiquitous cacti, for example, evoke the Baja desert while Floor 5’s “quiet please” library captures the stillness of a mountain lake. This motif is sustained across 10 floors with wilderness cues as varied as old growth forests, mountain streams, volcanoes and glaciers. Every floor includes conference room wall graphics created from the wilderness photography of Slack employee Adam Torres and room names taken from the skies, the trails and the living things of the wilderness.



拐个弯,然后……哦!Turn a Corner and… Oh!

O+A设计理念的核心是,每一个工作项目,就像荒野中的每一次远足,都是一个发现的过程。经典的室内设计框架,大型建筑瞬间吸引眼球。在Slack里,这些时刻就像“风景惊喜”一样出现,就像一个意想不到的好主意。你转过一个拐角,就会看到一个墙壁装置,它以一种似乎漂浮在太空中的方式复制了太浩湖的地形。你沿着小路走下去,会看到一个“星夜”房间,就像Sam Shepard戏剧中的舞台布景。

Central to O+A’s design concept was the idea that every work project, like every hike in the wilderness, is a process of discovery. Classic interior design frames large architectural moments to attract the most eyes at once. At Slack those moments come as “scenic surprises”—like an unexpected good idea. You turn a corner and there is a wall installation that replicates the topography of Lake Tahoe in a way that seems to float in space. You walk down a pathway and there is a “starry night” room like a stage set from a Sam Shepard play. You take your laptop to a lounge area and the light changes in a rhythm attuned to the time of day. In every instance the beauty is a reward for effort, a reinforcement of the idea that she who ventures away from her desk makes the most of her workday.



这条路没有尽头The Trail Never Ends

徒步旅行者和露营者都知道,最喜欢的小径或露营地绝不会两次出现在同一个地方。在一年的不同时期,随着时间的推移,它会发生变化,每次都会带来新的乐趣和挑战。O+A对Slack的设计构建了改变工作空间的能力。 每层楼都配备齐全,以适应单个工作会议或长达数月的项目不断变化的需求。 就像一个自然环境,这个灵感来自大自然的环境欢迎一天带来的一切,并满足它。

Hikers and campers know that a favorite trail or campsite is never the same place twice. At different times of year and as the years progress, it changes, offering new pleasures and new challenges every time. O+A’s design for Slack builds that capacity for change into the workspace. Every floor is equipped to adapt to the changing needs of a single work session or a months-long project. Like a natural setting, this setting inspired by nature welcomes what the day brings and reaches out to meet it.


项目名称:Slack Headquarters
设计公司:Studio O+A
摄影:Garrett Rowland, Amy Young


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