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日本公司Schemata Architects最近在韩国完成了第一家Blue Bottle Coffee咖啡馆的设计。没有过于装饰的咖啡馆位于首尔风景秀丽的Seongsu社区,周围环绕着手工咖啡吧和一家由废弃仓库改造的有机餐厅。

Japanese firm Schemata Architects has recently completed the first Blue Bottle Coffee café in South Korea. The sparsely-decorated cafe is situated in Seoul’s artsy Seongsu neighbourhood, surrounded by craft coffee bars and organic eateries that occupy disused warehouses.



The building accommodating the store is situated along a major road leading to the city center of Seoul. It is a four-story building with a basement and the store occupies three floors from the basement to the second floor, using the basement as a cafe, the first floor as a roastery and a coffee beans storage room, and the second floor as an office.



人们可以看到整个咖啡制备过程,从引入绿色咖啡豆到烘烤到酿造。该设施还包括用于特定目的的空间,包括拔罐(观察咖啡的味道和香气的过程)和咖啡师培训,并有望成为Blue Bottle今后在韩国的门店发展基地。

One can see the entire coffee preparation process from bringing in green coffee beans to roasting to brewing in this building. The facility also accommodates spaces for specific purposes including cupping (the process of observing the tastes and aromas of coffee) and barista training and is expected to serve as the base of BBC’s store development expected in Korea from now on.



The main reason for locating a cafe in the basement is that the first floor faces a major road with heavy traffic and the view from inside is not very pleasant, in addition to the fact that the basement has high ceilings. Part of the first-floor slab was punched out to create a cafe with a double-height ceiling in the basement. The cafe in the basement provides a calm and peaceful space away from the bustle on the ground.




Taking advantage of the fact that stainless steel is less expensive in Korea than in Japan, Schemata used this material to make various elements including sidewalls of counters, stairs, handrails, and doors.


此外,砖是一种历史悠久的建筑材料,在Seongsu,这座建筑也是用砖瓦建成的。“作为对历史的尊重,我们决定在建筑物内部使用这些材料,并用砖块制作一些家具。” Schemata解释道。

In addition, bricks are a historic construction material used to build many buildings in Seongsu and this building is also finished with brick tiles. “As a mark of respect for the history, we decided to use the material also inside the building and made some pieces of furniture out of bricks,” explains Schemata.


项目名称:Blue Bottle Coffee, Seongsu cafe
项目面积:B1F_603.91m² / 1F_358.00m² / 2F_434.26m²
室内设计:Jo Nagasaka / Schemata Architects
家具团队:Ou Ueno
摄影:Takumi Ota



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