LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第1张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第2张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第3张


In the living room space, the romantic feelings of dreams as horses are swayed freely, pure and innocent sculptures, coupled with beautiful flowers, and the beautiful dreams are intertwined with the unruly and unruly.

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第4张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第5张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第6张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第7张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第8张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第9张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第10张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第11张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第12张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第13张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第14张

Reading may be an expssion of feelings and soothing emotions. The entire dining area is unpdictable in the hands of the designer. The restaurant is no longer the only dining purpose. It can read tea, socialize, handcraft, and flower art. Bringing bursts of fragrance, the hostess will occasionally make exquisite cookie cakes here, accompanied by a cup of fragrant tea, and enjoy afternoon tea here.

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第15张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第16张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第17张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第18张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第19张



In the living space, you are in the breath of spring all year round, feel the heartbeat of the flowers, the comfortable and soft downy leather with the stitching of color blocks, enter the sweet dreamland with a sweet breath, wake up in the morning, there are some rays of sunshine outside the window, Shining in through the screen windows, the natural sentiment is vividly portrayed.

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第20张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第21张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第22张


The most distinctive feature of the childrens room is the collection of plant specimens, which are made into space furnishings and hanging paintings, retaining the natural lushness. Always love the prosperity and the beauty of the recovery of all things.

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第23张

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第24张


The spring flowers are full of flowers, the spring grasses are green, dreams are regarded as the most quiet expssion, and the flowers bloom all the way. We conceal this beauty in the shining star story and savor it carefully.




甲方团队:俞玮 胡旭阳 钮剑平

硬装设计:袁盛梅 胡小威

软装团队:许蓓蓓 周园

LESTYLE 乐尚设计丨上坤云栖时光样板间 地产 第25张

上海乐尚设计成立于2004年,是集室内设计和软装设计于一体的全案室内设计机构,为全球高端地产和商业公司提供针对酒店、会所、办公商业、销售中心、样板房及精装住宅的专业设计服务。 Founded in 2004, LeStyle is aone-stop interior design agency engaged in interior design and decorationdesign. It commits itself to providing professional design services for hotels,clubhouses, office buildings, sales centers, show flats and high-end residentialprojects to global high-profile real estate and commercial enterprises. 16年的发展,公司现有130多人的专业设计团队,秉承“创意自由、规划严谨”的理念,在卓越的设计管理前提下,关注客户需求,实现优雅、简约、不拘一格的创意设计,提供超越客户期望的专业服务。公司先后与万科地产、保利地产、旭辉地产、融创中国、融信地产等建立了战略合作伙伴关系,并得到客户的高度认可。 Upon 16 years’ development, LeStyle now possesses a professional design team with 130 staff. With “creativedesign and careful planning” as its philosophy, its designers are encouraged toprovide unconstrained design ideas and to carry them out strictly. On basis ofexcellent design management, the company pays much concern to clients’ demandsso as to provide professional design services beyond clients’ expectation.LeStyle has successively established strategic partnership with Vanke, Gemdale,Wharf Holdings, and China Overseas Property etc., and has won high recognitionsfrom the clients.




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