大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间


Art and life to achieve the maximum degree of integration, through the elegant and delicate layout, interptation of the extraordinary taste of the inhabitants of the quality of life at the same time, promote a new living experience, both modern elegant meaning, and natural clever interest.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第1张


Green is the most essential color of nature, and avocado color is no exception, repsenting the tenderness and innocence at the beginning of life. It is not pure green, but with a faint yellow.


Deeper than greenery, it has a quiet and elegant charm; More than a glimmer of vitality, just the right shade of light and dark, charming and elegant, full of vitality and not frivolous, appears to be able to look and high.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第2张


Step into porch, the space pattern that opens and closes freely, classic and contemporary collision, reflected space to contain with open aesthetic attitude. The hidden design of multi-material stitching breaks the narrow and depssing corners to create a clean spatial pattern. Slow down from here, let the exhausted body and mind that rush all day relax momentarily.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第3张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第4张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第5张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第6张


Stylist is in furniture position and choose material go up, pay attention to put comfortable experience in the first place, tie-in vogue colour shows contemporary multi-dimensional.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第7张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第8张

冷灰质地中的亮色,条窗引入的自然之景,都使空间愈增温度。通过干净雅致现代的灰白中性色空间,装点具有品质感和高 级感的亮光金色,辅以代表活力的阳光黄,在寻找静谧融合 的内心感受时,找到家庭的活力感。

The bright colors in the cold gray matter and the natural scenery introduced by the window all increase the temperature of the space. Through the clean and elegant modern gray neutral color space, decorated with a sense of quality and a sense of high level of bright gold, supplemented by the repsentative of the vitality of the sun yellow, when looking for the quiet fusion of the inner feelings, to find the sense of family vitality.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第9张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第10张

多功能复合布局将餐厅客厅连接在一起,让空间价值实现最大化 ,在不同分区的顺畅中流转,自然的气韵自由穿梭,释放美感与层次。此外,设计师藉由精致细腻的陈设、冷暖相融的材质、明暗有序的组合,以期呈现集品质、艺术、舒适为一体的轻奢生活方式。

The multi-functional composite layout connects the dining room and living room together, maximizes the value of the space, flows smoothly in different partitions, and releases the aesthetic feeling and hierarchy with the free flow of natural charm. In addition, stylist lends by delicate and exquisite display, the material that be in harmony of cold and warm photograph is qualitative, light and dark orderly combination, with a view to psent the light luxury lifestyle that sets quality, art, comfortable for an organic whole.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第11张


It pays attention to function and space organization, advocates the composition craft of atmosphere and low luxury, and its shape is simple. The coffee color is used as the base, the avocado green is relaxed, and the details are decorated with metal, so as to create a modern British gentlemans elegant atmosphere. The fresh and elegant avocado color highlights the nature of nature in the light and elegant atmosphere, and the elegant lifestyle takes shape here.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第12张


The concise and tonal of hoary wood lets a space look pleasing to the eye, the hardness of metallic droplight collocation cloth art is soft, between one hard and soft side shows the beauty of contemporary and contracted softness, the cupboard door of side receives star cloakroom among them, cloakroom design is clean and clear, the space is arranged take in everything in a glance.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第13张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第14张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第15张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第16张

以孩子们喜欢的方式来装修儿童房,并且将空间装扮得很美丽,就是给孩子最好的礼物。粉色和牛油果色巧妙结合,空间舒缓而不甜腻,淡粉的色彩亮度和饱和度尽显优雅,浅白硬装做的壁纸 深粉硬包铺满做的背景墙十分巧妙,即保持空间的俏皮又提高了舒适度。

Decorate childrens room in the way that children like, and dress up the space very beautiful, it is the best gift for children. Pink and avocado color are clever union, the space is slow and not sweet be tired of, the colour brightness of light pink and saturation all show grace, the wallpaper that shallow white hard outfit does deep pink hard pack the setting wall that spads to do fully is very clever, maintain the niftily of the space namely increased comfortable level again.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第17张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第18张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第19张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第20张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第21张


Natural colour should match natural simple sense of course, the household of element of all sorts of cloth art, log, even metal, marble is very good choice and green collocation. As if the seclusion of nature of the wise, with a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, but give people a sense of low-key luxury. The furniture of art of velvet, linen cloth is a kind of emotional appeal restoring ancient ways, marble element increases more advanced.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第22张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第23张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第24张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第25张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第26张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第27张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第28张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第29张

打造梦幻的地下空间,与父母互动的场所,增加亲子的密切度,温馨度,活跃度。通过打造一个独享玩具与手办的展示空间, 给游乐区带入生动而有趣的主题性,多了更多的故事就会产生内心的共振,收藏既是是大人的情怀, 也是孩子的喜爱。攀岩活动区增加了亲子之间的互动,感受的温暖,让孩子体味到历经困难之后到达顶峰的幸福。

Create a dreamlike underground space, a place to interact with parents, increase the closeness, warmth and activity of parents and children. By creating a display space with toys and hands to bring vivid and interesting theme to the play area, more stories will produce inner resonance. Collection is not only the feelings of adults, but also the love of children. The rock-climbing activity area increases the interaction between parents and children, and makes them feel the warmth and happiness of reaching the peak after going through difficulties.

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第30张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第31张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第32张

大研设计|新作 长春中海锦城117下跃样板间 地产 第33张


Project name: Changchun Zhonghai Jincheng 117 down-jump model room


Project address: Intersection of Wuhan Road and Shiyan Street, Jingkai District, Changchun city


Owner organization: Shanghai Dayan Architectural Design consulting Co., LTD


Party As team: Changchun Zhonghai Real Estate Co., LTD

Hard fitting design: Du Lei Qu Pin


Main material: Yashi white/terrazzo/graded glass/wood finish/titanium stainless steel/leather hard bag

Photography: Benmo Tang



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