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One Square, One World

至上主义,以最简单的图形来表达世界,彻 底奉行少即是多的原则。正方形表达一切,一切如你所见。你看到山,它就是山;你看到水,它就是水;你看到热情、悲伤、喜悦、痛苦,它就是热情、悲伤、喜悦、痛苦;如果你什么也没看到,那它,本就什么都没有。

Supmacism, which expsses the world in its simplest form, is the principle that less is more. The square expsses everything, as you can see. When you see a mountain, it is a mountain. When you see water, it is water. You see passion, sadness, joy, pain, its passion, sadness, joy, pain. If you dont see anything, its nothing.


From the perspective of sensibility, we would like to combine the needs of living in space, and turn the space into a hub from a profound and meaningful object in space, so that the space can interact with people. When a drop of noble dissolving whisper, taste in sublimation rendering, the blueprint of the future home emerged in laughter.


Kazimir Malevich said: The plane of fang marks the beginning of the supmacist, which is a new color realism, a creation of nothing. The so-called supmacist refers to the meaning of pure emotion or feeling supme in painting. Between colour and simple sense, those who seek contracted creed is the emotional appeal that we want to seek to deduce a space.


Turquoise is like the vast but silent sea, rendering a mottled and penetrating feeling. The Non-objective World said: The visual phenomenon of the objective world itself is meaningless, the meaningful thing is the feeling, so it is completely isolated from the environment, to arouse the feeling.


In the restaurant, we restore the underlying narrative and hidden meaning, bringing them back to life in a complex visual language that challenges the way we perceive each other and converge to form a unified spatial language. Create under the bright night, with a romantic atmosphere between trance, happy to enjoy ooze drink.


We strive for purity and perfection. On the modeling, the use of a large number of geometric shapes, so that the space is full of reason and order. To restore the underlying narrative and hidden meaning. Complex visual language challenges the way we perceive each other.


A sleepy girl must be a lovely person. Will you wake up, the brain fermentation of the night before the unfinished dream? In the breeze blowing in the afternoon, under the shadow of the tree spot shaking moment, everything like a blue dream.


We all want to create a living place that is different from the traditional concept of living, which has the space function of artistic creation, so that artists can relax in it, feel pure freedom, and at the same time enjoy the quality of life, expss their creative passion and expss themselves wantonly.


About self-expssion: My nature is freedom, my love is creation, my expssion with words and music, let the unrestrained soul free release, to be an interesting person, to live an interesting life. There are different pleasures in life. Let the interesting soul expss the dialogue between artistic language and spatial emotion.


When the needle on the record player starts to vibrate, you just want to have a glass of whisky handy. Need a corner of silence and texture, immersing in jazz audio-visual enjoyment, in the modern plude to explore the movement belongs to your soul freedom.


With the change of the light and different angles of illumination, a visual picture of both interest and creativity is created. In the afternoon when the breeze blows, the moment when the light spot shakes under the shadow of the tree can capture the comfort of the nature. It has been said that space is not just a form or a structure, but an extension of the body, a part of the human being.


Reflecting the natural world is an extension of the role itself. The transcendent figures and images of flowers poetically depict the emotions deep in the space. The excellent viewing platform of sketching from life, wrapped in delicate floral art and green plants, forms a dream garden with a sense of breath. The beginning of the supmacy of the square plane symbol, it is a new color realism, a creation of nothing.


Supmacism, the expssion of the world in its simplest form, the radical principle that less is more. Expss everything, everything as you see it.


Interesting color block collisions: interwoven collages of geometric shapes, dynamic colors: Deciphering modern pjudices and opening the door to abstract art. We are committed to exploring the clever connections between each object in space, so as to gain insight into life, let memory exist in multiple dimensions, and then interpt and interpt the future life style.


项目名称 | 万华重庆麓悦江城项目概念展示样板间

Project Name | Wide Horizon Chongqing Luxerivers Showroom

开发商 | 万华投资 – 两江置业

Developer | Wide Horizon Investment Group – Liangjiang Real Estate Company

Project Location | Chongqing

项目面积 | 260㎡

Project Area | 260㎡

完工时间 | 2020年10月

Completion Date | October 2020

硬装设计 | 广州GBD设计

Hard Outfit Design | GBD

软装设计 | 广州GBD设计

Soft Outfit Design | GBD

Photography | Aoxiang



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