家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN

Project Name | 项目名称:香山美墅

Location | 项目地址:深圳

Area | 项目面积:140㎡

Chief Designer | 主创设计师:辛举鹏 顾月宏

Participating Designer | 参与设计:欧阳斌

Design Company | 设计师公司:XINDESIGN

Start time | 开始时间:2019

Completion Time | 完工时间:2020

Photography | 摄影:陈铭

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第1张



家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第2张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第3张


Home is the starting point of life and the home of peace of mind. Every inch of the space in the home has huge energy, which carries life, escapes the hustle and bustle of the city, and contains peoples true self.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第4张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第5张


The client is a female lawyer, who has changed her work rationally, hoping that after returning home, she can freely release her hearts emotions in the tranquility of the hierarchy, and feel the huge life energy contained in the home.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第6张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第7张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第8张


As a materialized form of time, space exhibits a static formal structure. The life of a family is formed in the evolution of time. When time is separated, the meaning of family no longer exists.


Awaken the sense of time and sense of time at home, make the interior space from the opposition to unity.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第9张


The organic, flexible and orderly combination, the natural enclosure and connection between the regions, bears the transparency on the spatial scale, Make the program of the space show the cyclic state of time. In the new demands of space, the integrity of time has achieved the reality of materiality, and no longer becomes the vacancy in the flow of time. Space and people are interdependent, so that every moment of life has a different meaning.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第10张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第11张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第12张

空间环境第一眼,传达着空间的“神情”。仿若美术馆转角处的玄关,在传统的收纳之外,更奠写了恬淡 温暖、宁谧的美学序章。

At first view, the space environment conveys the soul of the space. Like the entrance hall at the corner of an art museum, in addition to the traditional storage, it also writes a warm and quiet aesthetic pface to the home.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第13张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第14张


The living room area is large. The linear textures, wooden grids, and slender bookshelves bring an overall sense of order and clarity. Green plants and light and shadow constitute the vitality of the space.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第15张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第16张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第17张


The use of more classic materials with a sense of temperature weakens the conciseness and order of expssion, and the excessive restraint brought by it, which enhances the sense of gentleness and comfort in the space.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第18张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第19张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第20张


The texture, or subtle touch of the material is like the main body growing in the space. The designers keen choice is almost instinctive. At the spatial level, people perceive the tension brought by the proportion and the material.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第21张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第22张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第23张


The dining room and the living room maintain the unity of style, the windows are bright and clean, adding a clear atmosphere during eating time.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第24张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第25张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第26张


As the most free and functional space in the home, the tea room resembles the spiritual eye of a home, and is a habitat for an independent soul. It is also an interactive space for listening and communicating.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第27张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第28张


In the afternoon, bathed in dappled light and shadow, perception and emotion are combined under the catalysis of light, awakening the reverie of the infinitely extending and recurring abstract time, and dialogue with the most sincere and peaceful self in tranquility and light.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第29张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第30张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第31张


The master bedroom is connected to the original second bedroom. As the master’s cloakroom and dressing room, the use of wooden grids and green plants continues the sense of clarity, order and vibrancy of the living room. Sunlight and city lights pour through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the cloakroom. Or sprinkle it into the room—see the sky at dawn, the clouds at dusk, the dust settles, and the prosperity.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第32张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第33张


The second bedroom chooses comfortable and light-skinned soft bedding to provide the most warm experience for guests at home.

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第34张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第35张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第36张


The kitchen and bathroom space is designed as a clean and tidy white space at the request of the client.

▼改造前平面Before plan

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第37张

▼平面图Floor plan

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第38张

家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第39张


家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第40张



家,守护心灵的秩序 XINDESIGN 住宅 第41张

设计师本着以“人文创意 ”的设计为愿景,致力于让设计更有价值,让空间更有内涵。涵盖各地区人文理念,并在了解不同地域文化的同时,挖掘其本身的价值,呈现更加有深度的作品;或以注入新的灵魂,重塑定义,使之更为新颖,我们尊重传统,同时也颠覆传统。



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