Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受

Federico Delrosso, Architetto

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第1张


MEI JI FILE Federico Delrosso \ 始於自然,终於感受 意大利. 比耶拉



Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第2张

Teca House是由Federico Delrosso Architects位于意大利皮埃蒙特的比耶拉的项目。Teca House采用极简自然主义的方法构思,是一栋现代建筑,透明房屋的设计灵感来自Philip Johnson的遗产,建筑面积为80平方米。

Teca House is a project by Federico Delrosso Architects located in Biella, Piedmont, Italy. Teca House is conceived by a minimalist naturalist approach. It is a modern building. The transparent house is inspired by the heritage of Philip Johnson, with a building area of 80 square meters.

——美集志(MEI JI FILE)



The project includes the restoration of a small rural building in the magnificent environment of the Biella Mountain. The project is based on the composition reversal, quantifying and materializing the small amount of rural existence outside, giving life to life. New features in the area. From the now-abandoned roots of agricultural history, its logo was pserved and contemporary works were born, rooted in the territory and balanced with it, but at the same time full of new possibilities for use.

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第3张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第4张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第5张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第6张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第7张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第8张

该建筑灵感来自菲利普·约翰逊(Philip Johnson)的玻璃屋,面积约80平方米,通过打开完全围绕该体积的滑动玻璃墙,将其扩展了另外50平方米。该项目的灵活性使该空间成为会议或举办商务鸡尾酒会的理想场所,同时还是阅读或练习瑜伽的理想场所。也可以将它转变成招待所,供不定期的房东和附近住在山脚下的妻子的客人使用。Teca House被认为是珍贵的文化容器,是地标性建筑,旨在为与比耶拉地区的关系创造新的机会。

The building is inspired by Philip Johnsons glass house, which measures about 80 square meters and is extended by another 50 square meters by opening the sliding glass wall that completely surrounds the volume. The flexibility of the project makes the space an ideal place for meetings or business cocktail parties, as well as an ideal place for reading or practicing yoga. It can also be converted into a guest house for occasional landlords and guests of nearby wives living at the foot of the mountain. Teca House is considered a pcious cultural container and a landmark building designed to create new opportunities for relations with the Biella area.

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Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第10张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第11张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第12张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第13张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第14张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第15张


In this project, Teka retains the person and his emotions. A privileged and poetic view, completely immersed in nature, almost as if the user is suspended in a void. At the same time, it works on the negative side. : Gaze is actually from the inside to the outside, which shows the centrality of human beings.

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Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第17张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第18张

Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第19张


The relationship between the past and the psent, and between the work and the context is balanced, without changing the spatial balance of the place, it will also enhance its environmental value, becoming not only a cultural reference, but also a visual reference. The village wall system becomes the foundation, connected to the birthplace of the new intervention, and is light and transparent: the concrete structure opens to the landscape, with two large horizontal wings and a fully openable glass shell, enclosing the volume.

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The purpose of creating this building system is to support correct daylight exposure: the configuration of the floor extending beyond the glass cabinet is designed to pvent solar radiation in summer, while tilting towards winter.

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Federico Delrosso 始於自然,终於感受 住宅 第27张

Federico Delrosso,建筑师


What makes the architecture unique is the alchemy generated between architectural space, living space and conceptual space.


Emotion to me is the fourth basic aspect, which translates into a continuous search for vision and observation points that can provide visual continuity and connection at the design and concept level, thereby creating for each of us’s imagination the road of freedom.


In the building, the baton has been passing by from yesterday to today, which makes everything exist and stay up to date. Persevering in the contemporary refers to constantly connecting with and merging with the surrounding things and putting pssure on me.


Architecture needs to include reality, background, natural or urban environment in order to retain the local spirit. This is why I believe that the real building cannot remain on the outer surface, but must unfold from the outside to the inside like the Moebius bar without interruption.


This is also my idea of naturalistic architecture. It is not only understood as a relationship with nature, but also as a relationship with nature.


The studio is responsible for the direction of the Creative Hub, which is an interdisciplinary selected profile group that serves as a digital extension to ensure that our project is international.


In our work, we include not only experts in charge of each design stage, but also intellectuals, artists and celebrities who can make interesting contributions to the formulation of the project.



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