矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第1张


The project is located in the intersection area of Shimao Avenue and Science and Technology Avenue in Harbin. The new district has a promising future development and the living atmosphere is becoming mature.


The interior design fully respects the shape and structure of the building, from the periphery to the core, the hierarchy is progressive, showing the overall response of the interior building in the integrated design logic. Design from in sex, to the stream of ice is the characteristic of architectural appearance, capture the most gorgeous local elements, the city of light as inspiration to enter for indoor sunshine, thin film, refraction, etc., and with modern design methods will naturally form geometry, tried to in the center city to build a warm city art museum .

plude of light

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第2张


The design continues the architectural form, simplifies the complicated, and uses the refined technique to construct the outline of the large surface to further strengthen the overall sense and openness of the space.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第3张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第4张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第5张


The reception hall, as the first impssion, never lacks innovation consciousness and experimental spirit.


The design adopts large area glass curtain wall lighting, the space is more transparent in the boundless light. The irregular marble reception desk, combined with textured tall columns, gives visitors a warm and quiet feeling in the background of natural color.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第6张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第7张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第8张


The L-shaped design of the interior space becomes a landscape superposition through the art corridor. The superposition of the block structure conveys the visual psentation of the interior reconstruction building and highlights the three-dimensional and hierarchical sense of the space.

shape of the glacier

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第9张


The broken and stacked old relics not only echo the shape of the glacier of the building, but also combine the display of raw stones and ancient pines to create an independent field, which has its own pure indifference and distance.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第10张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第11张


The sand table area shows the faults of the glacier in the form of crossing and cutting, and echoes the icicles in the U-shaped design. In the interior constructed space, warm colors are integrated to actively psent the rhythm change in the static state.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第12张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第13张

Urban Art Gallery

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第14张


The landscape negotiation area creates good architectural conditions by the high and empty treatment, and introduces the outdoor scenery through a whole row of transparent glass, so as to smooth the replacement and linkage of indoor and outdoor space.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第15张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第16张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第17张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第18张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第19张


The connection between the first and second floors, with the help of the staircase in the cloud with the center as the axis, realizes the lookout between the streamline and the scenery outside the window. Piaozong design, the fusion of clean and pure material, Teng on the water bar platform, so that the ladder is more light, describing a natural long volume.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第20张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第21张


The water bar area is hidden just below the stairs, which expsses the permanence with careful space volume and color. The use of luminous cabinet expsses the spatial proportion, line structure and the balance of light and shade incisively and vividly in an orderly place.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第22张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第23张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第24张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第25张


A series of overlapping structures, in concave and convex scattered, highlight the sense of contrast and change of the wall. At the same time, it pays attention to the multi-dimensional design philosophy of line, plane and volume, and constructs another wonderland in the continuous superposition of rhythm and texture with a chic and spontaneous trend.

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第26张

一层平面图/Floor plan

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第27张

二层平面图/Two-story plan


Project name: Harbin Huaxia Happiness Shenha Center

Hard design: matrix vertical and horizontal


Soft decoration design: Beijing Yifaduo Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. (Garth Design)

Project photography: image interptation Wanhe


Design area: 2000 square meters

主要材料:白金摩卡大理石、木饰面膜、U 形玻璃、亚克力

Main materials: platinum mocha marble, wood decorative mask, U-shaped glass, acrylic

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第28张

矩阵纵横新作 哈尔滨华夏幸福·深哈中心售楼处 地产 第29张


–近期作品回顾 —

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