Damien Langlois-Meurine作品 |  Apartment in Paris,感受巴黎的真正精神

      设计师Damien Langlois-Meurine在巴黎设计了一套公寓,坐拥几乎所有巴黎的壮丽全景。从这里不仅可以看到艾菲尔铁塔,还可以看到Chalo Palace宫,Trocadero公园,大皇宫,卢浮宫和巴黎圣母院。这样的环境不仅让业主感到高兴,也让设计师Damien Langlois-Meurine感到高兴。 “塞纳河畔有许多住宅楼,但这座住宅位于一座小山上,所以整座城市都在掌控之中,”他说。 344平方米的公寓还包括两个停车位和一个长阳台。
      Designer Damien Langlois-Meurine designed an apartment in Paris, from the windows of which you can see almost all the sights of Paris. Which opens from the windows. From here you can see not only the Eiffel Tower, but also the Chalo Palace, the Trocadero Park, the Grand Palace, the Louvre and Notre Dame. Such an environment delighted not only the owners, but also the designer Damien Langlois-Meurine.“There are many residential buildings on the banks of the Seine, but this one is on a hill, so the whole city is in the palm of your hand,” he says. The apartment of 344 m2 also included two parking spaces And a long balcony.
      The current space is the two united apartments that belonged to the descendants of Monsieur Perrier, who built the house in 1905. The last repair was done here more than thirty years ago, and the layout was quite typical for Paris, but not very suitable for a large family with four children: a lot of small rooms connected by narrow corridors.
      除了承重墙之外,Damien拆除所有的墙壁,并重新组织了空间。业主希望将风景优美的景观带到前面,客房和卧室。 “每次来到这里,我都离不开窗户,”设计师说。在主浴室,他甚至挂了一面镜子,这样就可以欣赏这些景点,而不必将头转向窗户。公寓后面出现了一个带Elaine Cameron-Weir加拿大雕塑的小玻璃露台。 “当一个房间没有太多实际目的时,我非常喜欢它。露台的作用只是为公寓的这一部分增添自然光线,“Damien解释道。
      The first thing Damien demolished all the walls except the carriers, and reorganized the space. The owners wanted the scenic views to go to the front, guest rooms and their bedroom. “Every time I get here, I can’t move away from the window,” says the designer. In the master bathroom, he even hung a mirror so that you could admire the sights without turning your head towards the window at all. A small glazed patio with a Canadian sculpture by Elaine Cameron-Weir appeared in the back of the apartment. “I like it when there is a room without much practical purpose. The role of the patio is just to add natural light to this part of the apartment, ”explains Damien.
      位置不仅影响布局,还影响装饰。例如,Langlois-Meurine邀请了法国艺术家Florence Girette在餐桌上画了一个玻璃桌面,上面有一个看起来像河水涟漪的图案。 “事实证明,这是杰克逊波洛克的绘画精神,” – 设计师说。通往儿童房间的走廊比作James Tarrell的灯光装置:其中一面墙壁涂成蓝色,反映在雪白的天花板和对面的墙壁上,营造出整个空间都是一个阴影的错觉。。“它会根据窗外的灯光而变化,”Damien说。
      The location influenced not only the layout, but also the decoration. For example, Langlois-Meurine invited the French artist Florence Girette, who painted a glass tabletop of a dinner table with a pattern that looks like ripples on a river. “It turned out in the spirit of paintings by Jackson Pollock,” – said the designer. A corridor leading to children’s rooms, he compares with the light installations of James Tarrell: one of the walls is painted in blue, which is reflected in the snow-white ceiling and opposite wall, so the illusion is created that all the space is of one shade. “And it changes depending on the lighting outside the window,” says Damien.
      尽管室内没有任何历史装饰元素的存在,设计师仍然确信在这里你可以感受到巴黎的真正精神。这完全取决于细节,纹理和艺术品。例如,他在客厅的墙壁上装饰了一个壁炉,里面有一个发散光线形式的石膏板,在走廊的墙上挂着一个不寻常的Kiko Lopez镜子。在起居室和客房,放置了朱尔斯的抽象作品Olitski和Jennifer Kobe。
      Despite the fact that the interior has not survived any historical decorative elements, the designer is still sure that here you can feel the true spirit of Paris. It’s all about the details, textures and art objects. For example, he decorated the wall with a fireplace portal in the living room with a gypsum panel in the form of divergent rays, hung an unusual Kiko Lopez mirror on the wall of the corridor, viewed from the hall, and placed abstract works by Jules Olitski and Jennifer Kobe in the living room and guest bedrooms.
      “我喜欢那些乍一看都不会让你印象深刻,但会逐渐给你留下深刻印象的照片。”艺术不应该与内部矛盾,因为它是和谐的延续,”Damien Langlois-Meurine说。他自己将这个现代室内空间有机地融入了一座历史建筑中。
      “I like the pictures that do not strike you at the first glance at them, but make an impression gradually. Art should not contradict the interior, because it is its harmonious continuation, ”says Damien Langlois-Meurine. He himself quite organically inscribed this modern interior in a historic building.




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