Gianni Botsford:伦敦诺丁山豪宅设计

  在伦敦建立新式单户住宅的过程中,寻找意想不到的地点和后院地块是越来越重要的策略,其中土地价格和密度将客户和建筑师推向创新的设计思路。位于伦敦西区的建筑师Gianni Botsford最新的住宅设计就是一个很好的例子。这是一个很壮观的现代住宅,紧靠在诺丁山附近的一排维多利亚式别墅的后面。 

Hunting for unexpected sites and backyard plots to build on is increasingly the strategy when it comes to creating new-build single family houses in London, where land prices and density push both clients and architects towards inventive design solutions. West London-based architect Gianni Botsford’s latest residential design is a case in point; it’s a spectacular contemporary home hidden in the back of a row of Victorian villas near Notting Hill. 

  House In A Garden占据了一个旧平房的空间,需要更新,当客户买了这个地段,并要求Botsford在2010年设计他的梦想家园。为了确保邻近的建筑物不受阻碍,而新的结构又能得到足够的自然光线,建筑师从地面及以下工作,挖掘两层楼,建造一个宽敞的家庭住宅。“现在,即使房子位于伦敦市中心,周围还有许多现有的建筑,但是当你在房子里时,除了天空和庭院花园之外,你几乎看不到任何东西,”Botsford说。

House In A Garden occupies the space of an old bungalow, which was in need of updating, when the client bought the lot and called upon Botsford to design his dream home back in 2010. Careful to ensure neighbouring buildings were not obstructed, while the new structure gets enough natural light, the architect worked from the ground level and below, digging down two floors to craft a spacious family home. ‘Now, even though the house is in the middle of London and surrounded by many existing structures, when you are in the house you can barely see anything around you apart from the sky and the courtyard gardens’, says Botsford.


The house features an open-plan living space on the ground level, which unites an entrance lobby, kitchen, dining and sitting areas. Two sides are glazed and look out to green, landscaped patios with white marble flooring that cleverly reflects sunlight into the house. More patios cut vertically downwards, bring light deep into all areas. One level down is the master bedroom suite (including a bathroom and wardrobe space), along with an extra bedroom and bathroom.


The deepest level is reserved for entertainment with comfortable seating that becomes a cinema room at the touch of a button. Through a glazed wall, visitors can peak through to the spa next door, featuring hot tub, steam room and a particularly atmospheric lap pool, lit theatrically from cut outs on the ceiling.  


However, the house’s most defining feature by far, is its impressive curved roof. Made out of glulam beams that have been individually curved to perfection and topped by a further skin of copper cladding (which in fact follows a different curvature to the one created by the beams, so as to better accommodate elements such as guttering as well as the neighbour’s rights of light), this roof not only provides a functional shelter for the residence, but becomes a key centrepiece for the whole design. Surprisingly, perhaps, the roof is fully handcrafted. ‘We initially thought we’d make the roof’s complex structure digitally using CNC cutting techniques, but in the end it was fabricated using old fashioned handcraft’, explains Botsford. ‘We found a workshop in Northern Italy where it was produced by hand and then transported in parts to London.’

  材料经过精心挑选,Dinesen木材温暖地保护着更私密的生活区域,大理石用于房屋的几个“公共”部分以及室内与户外交接的区域,如露台。与此同时,屋顶的铜线以定制厨房的形式在内部回响,但是不考虑与外部采用相同的风格,因此将保持引人注目的反光,在地面上创造一个额外的焦点。几乎所有内部的东西都是定制的,例如从大理石块切割的浴缸,到橱柜和两个漂浮的楼梯(一个用木材制成,一个用金属制成); 使这个家成为一个真实的,隐秘的伦敦珍宝。

Materials were carefully chosen throughout, with Dinesen wood warmly enveloping the more private living areas, and marble used for several more ‘public’ parts of the house and areas where the indoors meet the outdoors, such as the patios. Meanwhile the roof’s copper is echoed inside in the form of a bespoke kitchen, which however is not planned to weather in the same style as the exterior, so will remain eye-catchingly reflective, creating an added focal point on the ground level. Nearly everything inside is bespoke – from the bathtubs, which are cut from chunks of marble, to cabinets and the two floating staircases (one out of timber and one out of metal); making this home a real, and quite literally, hidden, London gem.


设计师:Gianni Botsford






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