The National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts contains the first dedicated national opera house to be built in Taiwan and is the world’s largest performing arts centre under one roof. Designed by Dutch architecture practice Mecanoo, the long low building measures 225m long and 160m wide and is known locally as Weiwuying, after its location in a metropolitan park that was formerly a military base.


Mecanoo, the Dutch architecture practice whose repertoire includes the Library of Birmingham, the train station of Delft, and the ongoing renovation of New York Public Library, worked on a design that was specific to the context of Taiwan, taking design cues from the city’s maritime past and the form of the locally grown Banyan plant.

Mecanoo的创始合伙人兼创意总监Francine Houben很快就发现了对台湾城市的亲和力:“荷兰和台湾面积相似”她说。“荷兰人在17世纪首次来到台湾,所以我们在这里感到宾至如归。”

Francine Houben, founding partner and creative director at Mecanoo, quickly found an affinity for the city of Taiwan: ‘The Netherlands and Taiwan are coastal nations of similar size,’ she says. ‘The Dutch first came to Taiwan in the 17th century, so we feel at home here.’

Houben设计了’Banyan Plaza’作为新建筑的入口,其灵感来自于滚滚的气柱和厚厚的地平线冠的形状。覆盖的广场占据了整个建筑的足迹,与周围的景观一起流动。它模糊了室外和室内之间的界限,将公园与里面的礼堂连接起来。地板采用聚氨酯树脂涂层,具有弹性,适合各种用途 ,即兴表演、太极拳、野餐,也许是儿童的捉迷藏游戏 ,而顶篷底部则覆盖了1520吨钢板, 6毫米厚,独立弯曲。

Houben designed ‘Banyan Plaza’ as the entry point to the new building, which is inspired by the shape of the tree’s billowing aerial roots and thick horizonatal crowns. Occupying the entire footprint of the building, the covered plaza flows with the surrounding landscape. It blurs the boundary between outdoors and in, connecting the park with the auditoriums inside. The flooring has a polyurethane resin finish, resilient and suited to a variety of uses – impromptu performances, tai chi sessions, picnics, perhaps a children’s game of hide and seek – while the underside of the canopy is clad in 1,520 tonnes of steel plates, 6mm-thick and individually curved.


For the exterior, Mecanoo worked with local builders in Kaohsiung’s shipyards to pre-fabricate steel plates that were then deformed with a giant press and assembled into modules. These were then hung from the main structure using steel rods and heavy springs and the welds kept visible so the building would resemble a cargo ship.


The auditoriums include an opera house, a play house, concert hall and a recital hall, each with its own distinctive identity. With 2,260 seats, and positioned at the centre of the building, the opera house is the biggest of the four spaces, with an appropriately grand colour scheme of red and black with a horseshoe layout. A more intimate ambiance is offered at the playhouse (1,243 seats, for experimental theatre and Chinese opera) and recital hall (470 seats).

不过,这座拥有2000个座位的音乐厅是一个极具特色的音乐厅,拥有葡萄园风格的座位(’像一个阶梯式稻田’,Houben说道)。它拥有一个9,085管双管风琴,由德国专家Orgelbau Klais制造,形状像竹林。坚固的橡木地板,橡木栏杆,香槟色马海毛座椅和米色玻璃钢石膏的轮廓天花板,整个大厅似乎沐浴在金色中,这是一个适合空间的比喻,并且希望将高雄推向一个新的文化黄金时代。

The 2,000-seat concert hall, though, is the pièce-de-résistance, with vineyard style seating (‘like a stepped rice field’, says Houben). It boasts a 9,085-pipe double organ, manufactured by German experts Orgelbau Klais and shaped like a bamboo grove. And with solid oak flooring, oak balustrades, champagne-hued mohair seating and a contoured ceiling in beige glass-reinforced gypsum, the entire hall appears bathed in gold – a fitting metaphor for a space that hopes to thrust Kaohsiung into a new cultural golden age. §







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