工作室briand & berthereau完成了ICI的室内设计,这是20年来巴黎最大的独立书店。该店占地500平方米,包括一个咖啡厅,一个儿童区,一个展览空间和一个集市(最初是古希腊城市的中央公共空间),供人们聚集和交流。尽管设计繁杂,整个空间感觉流畅而轻盈,因为其布局清晰而纯净,结合了简单而持久的设计元素。

multidisciplinary studio briand & berthereau has completed ICI, the largest independent bookstore to open in paris since 20 years. spanning over 500 sqm, the shop includes a café, a children’s’ area, an exhibition space, and an agora (originally the central public spaces in ancient greek cities) for people to gather and exchange opinions. despite the heavy program, the entire space feels fluid and lightweight due to a layout of clear and pure shapes which are combined with simple and durable design elements.




”less is more” is the philosophy we applied to our work during this whole adventure,’ explains studio briand & berthereau, who was responsible for the architecture, visual identity, and signage of ICI. a natural palette composed of terracotta, rough concrete and wood binds the different spaces of the bookstore together, along with a chevron ceramic floor whose stoneware slates combine various colors and get more dense around the main parts of the shop.




the parisian studio has used natural beech wood for the book displays of the store, which include large shelves and modular tables fixed on wheels to move whenever a special event takes place. metal stands attached to the tables are used to highlight the latest book releases, while shelves underneath offer plenty of storage space.




visible from the street, the bookstore’s coutume café combines a large countertop and comfortable banquettes in the middle of the beaux arts and literature sections. the underground level hosts the human sciences, comics and paper departments together with the children’s area, and an exhibition space to promote young artists. there, a modular seating system is designed to be used in different ways depending on the type of events that the bookstore will host. the children’s area is created like two parenthesis, enclosing kids in a cocoon of intimacy and comfort where they can relax with a nice book.



项目名称:parisian bookstore
设计团队:briand & berthereau工作室
摄影:  briand & berthereau工作室



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