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What kind of creature is a man? Sometimes, men are very simple, just like a regular sequence, the logic of the concept of a pass in the end, rules and regulations. But men are also very complicated at the same time. Men’s minds contain all kinds of data, thousands of components, or the whole universe, sometimes even themselves.


But this sense of contradiction itself is charming. Occasionally confused, occasionally awake. Occasionally serious, occasional stupid, unpredictable, forcing people to step by step understanding.


Charismatic man, is angular, with a sense of distance, a sense of serious, deep and yet exudes a fatal attraction. And in fact, and then they mature, the heart also have a loss flawless, as if one does not know how to choose, panic little boy.
Therefore, men, such creatures, simple and complex, regular and chaotic.


Phantom heavy, dark tone is his tone. Fascinated, as the night and silver, could not help but want to explore his inner world.
His world is a universe.


杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第1张

杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第2张



The space for men’s clothing shop. Tending to the deconstruction of postmodern understanding, the design inspiration comes from the contrast of three key words: contradiction, integration; orderly, disorderly; deconstruction, restructuring.

空间特有的纯粹宁静,搭配以理性的手法和低度设计,耐看又带有less is more 的设计理念,不做线板,让陈列空间保持利落,简单,没有花哨的装饰博人眼球,但自然形塑的简约美学又让人印象深刻。

Unique pure quiet space, with a rational approach and low-level design, patience and with less is more design concept, not board, the exhibition space to keep neat, simple, no fancy decorative blog eye, but naturally Shaping simple aesthetic and impressive.


杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第3张

杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第4张

杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第5张



The main material presented in the space is stainless steel, a steel terrazzo, a cement art paint, and a cement color of the original building. The colors are both blended and the texture is both contradictory.


Full of grained cement and delicate texture like copy and paste as real, but the cement is not publicity, no noise, not overwhelming, like a seclusion of lay people, fearless and downtown integration, but also keep the share quiet. As we have been conveying the concept of human design, like the same, get the maximum integration and interpretation, delivering the spirit of high-quality life, enduring, everlasting.


Cement is often not understood by the world, cold tone, old colors, a style that does not take the unusual way,By clever design, cement is covered with mystery, given the heavy sense of fashion, art, history, fashion has become the front line of counter-attack,for the walls, people are tired of the monotony of wallpaper,Instead, cement gives people the most essential sense of beauty, which is more artistic than luxury and rich decoration, reflecting the natural, uninhibited, unpretentious art tastes.


杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第6张



The stainless steel and terrazzo materials for the entire space more than a bit strong, indestructible, contradictory and complicated, but also linked to each other, the texture of stainless steel material changes are very subtle, the surface after treatment, the retro industrial flavor thicker.


杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第7张

杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第8张

杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第9张



Deconstruction and reorganization according to the rules of the graphic first, constitute the shop props and the top of the shape of the structure. Stainless steel plus light structure body shape interspersed with the top, with the original building cement beams visual conflict reflects the sense of disorder.Irregular props arranged in space and show an orderly rhythm. Integration with complex and contradictory feelings of light and shadow on all the visual clutter reflect a richer sense of order.The overall interior space consists of large silver wall and cube, triangular prism display cabinet, together with the silver tube rack, then decorated with white block lighting, of which irregular silver tin foil, making the space point-line surface clearly not isolated, the wall of the “concave” with the ground “convex” is side by side to achieve a rich and moderation throughout the space.

杭州易写男装后现代解构主义空间设计 商业 第10张
设计团队:郑杰 曾中明 孙淑婷




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